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My name is Mr Bolton  and I'm the Computing Lead. It’s a real joy of being able to take the children on their computing journey throughout the school and see them grow in their confidence, skill and understanding, celebrating alongside them as we solve new problems and set new standards of achievement together!


Their computing journey consists of three strands and is fully encompassing of the Government’s 2021 ‘Education for a connected world’ document: 

  • Online Safety: Making great decisions; acting safely and responsibly online. 
  • Computer Science: Solving problems and creating programs by thinking logically and algorithmically. 
  • Digital literacy: Using software skilfully and confidently; expressing themselves at a level which can be applied to their lives outside of school and into their future. 

The children follow a completely bespoke computing curriculum here at St Leonard’s that I created, to maximise what we have at our disposal within the school. Our planning and skills progression documents were created with our wonderful children in mind; a fully immersive curriculum developing skills and using software which will serve them well into the future. The learning environment I strive to create is one of open-ended curiosity and confidence; our data shows girls, boys and children of all abilities and backgrounds flourishing. Why not ask our child to show you some of their creations in their ‘One Drive’ at home or ask them to set you a challenge from their current code.org course? 

At the heart of the computing curriculum is the desire for the children to be equipped and ready for the ‘Digital World’. I am passionate about our wonderful children leaving here as safe, responsible and hugely skilled and knowledgeable members of that world! They will be equipped not only as logical-thinking problem solvers but as graphic designers, website creators, animators, photographers, film editors, game creators and music producers to name but a few. I want our children to enthusiastically be ready with the tools and ambition to fulfil the exciting futures that are ahead of them… whether in jobs we are aware of in 2022 or those that don’t currently exist!

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Computing Progression Map 20th Oct 2023 Download