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Year 1

Welcome to our Year 1 blog. 

w.b. 22.4.24

MaxresdefaultEnglish – we are reading ‘What do you do with a tail like this?’  The animals inside the book have extraordinary features which they use to protect themselves, hunt their prey or camouflage themselves in their habitats.  The book has inspired us to write interesting questions that include ‘What and How’ with a question mark at the end.  We’ve been choosing interesting verbs to describe the way the animals move and are using them in our sentences to make them more interesting. 

Maths – we are coming to the end of our learning on Measure.  We have been comparing measurements using the words greater and less than to describe volume, length and mass and developing our knowledge words to describe a measure and using those words in stem sentences to explain measurements.   

IMG 4973History – our trip to the museum was terrific.  The children did incredibly well to walk all the way the way to the RAMM and then back again after being fuelled by their picnic lunches.  Thank you to all the parent helpers who joined us.  The children enjoyed searching for historical artefacts and learning all about how animals and humans have evolved over time in Devon and more widely.On Friday, we look forward to seeing all the children in their World Book Day costumes and visiting our new library.  A brilliant end to a great week! 


w.b. 11.3.24

English – we continuing our new unit on fairytales. We are reading the traditional fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood and this week we are creating a story map to plan out own version of the story which we will write as well. We have been extending our writing with adjectives to add detail and interest to our stories and we will be looking at the story of Goldilocks next using adjectives in our learning.  

Maths – We have come to the end of our learning on Place Value within 50. Last week we were using number lines to help us to find ‘one more’ and ‘one less’. Our new unit will be on Length and Height and using rulers for measuring.   

History – We have carried on our unit on history makers. Last week we learnt a about Mary Seacole’s life and why her life was significant. This week we will learn about how and why Greta Thunberg might make history and we will compare and contrast the achievements of 3 significant people.  

w.b. 19.2.24

Since returning after half term we have really enjoyed our new learning! 

English – we have begun our new unit on fairytales. We started by reading some traditional fairytales. We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood. Then we created a story map to help us to learn the structure of the story using actions to help us. We have then began looking at the structure of a sentence and wrote some sentences about Little Red Riding Hood using a ‘who', a 'what' and a 'where’. 

Maths – We are coming to the end of our learning on addition and subtraction. This week we have been using number lines to help us to solve missing number problems. We have also been using 1 fact to help us to write 4 facts (number families). If you would like to have a go at practising this at home have a go at this top marks game.  


History – This term we are looking at answering the question, 'Who is the greatest history maker?'. We will look at the lives of three significant individuals (Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Seacole & Greta Thunberg) before comparing them and deciding who we think has had the biggest impact on history. We will also consider how we would like to be remembered. This week we learnt a new key word ‘significant’ and learned that this means important. 

w.b. 22.1.24

This week in Year 1 we have been reading the book Dear Zoo. We really enjoyed reading the story and watching videos of some of the teachers in the school trying to guess the pets that they have been sent. We thought that Mr Fisher was sent a giraffe; he told us it was far too tall and kept eating the neighbours trees! We thought that Miss Ballam was sent a scary spider and that Mrs Slaven was sent a tiger that kept running away! In the coming weeks, we are going to be writing our own stories to Hamley's, the toy shop. We will turn them into proper books and go and read them to the younger children in Early Years.

In Maths, we have been looking at numbers to 20. We have been looking at teen numbers especially - working out how many tens and ones are in the numbers. We have been using stem sentences to help us. For example:

13 has 1 ten and 3 ones.

18 has 1 ten and 8 ones.

We have also been making some wonderful abstract art pictures in art using lines, shapes and colours. We have been inspired by the work of Beatriz Milhaze.

In Geography we have been recapping the 7 continents of the world as well as learning about the North and South Pole and the Equator! 


w.b. 11.12.23



IMG 1973

We have been reading the book ‘How to wash a Wooly Mammoth’. We made a class story map and learnt some actions to help us remember the different steps. We have also planned our own version of how to wash a different animal and have written our own instructions! 


This week we have finished our addition and subtraction unit and have now begun looking at our new learning on shape. We have started by naming 3D shapes and looking at different ways to group them. 


Wider Curriculum

IMG 1976In History we have enjoyed learning about different toys from the past and comparing them with toys today. We really enjoyed looking at some toys that our grown ups had in the 1960’s. We learnt that older toys were often made from wood or tin and newer toys are often electronic and have screens.  

In DT we have loved designing and making our own pop up Christmas cards using levers to bring home to our families! 





wb. 6.11.23

This week the children have been doing lots of exciting learning

Zim zam zoom story mapEnglish Zim zam zoom book

We have started reading a new poetry book called Zim, Zam, Zoom written by James Carter.  We have looked at some of the poems from the book and talked about the parts we liked, the parts we didn't like and looked for any patterns. We then used a story map of the poem Zim Zam Zoom and came up with some actions to learn it off by heart - we then performed these to the rest of the class! 


Maths fact familiesIn Maths, we have been learning all about fact families. We have been using part whole models to help us write 4 different number sentences. This was tricky at first but we kept on going!


Art printIn Art, the children have loved designing and making their own print tile based on the great fire of London. We made our own fire backgrounds sing shaving foam and ink, we then made our own printing tile of a tudor house and used printing ink to make our pictures. We are going to make a display of our amazing artwork at school. They all look wonderful! 


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Key Dates:

Monday’s and Thursdays- PE- children need to bring PE kit to school and will get changed in the classroom. Please make sure everything item of school uniform and PE kit is labelled.

Check back soon.