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Friday 24th November

Over the last couple of weeks we have focused on two traditional tales. We listened to the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. We enjoyed retelling the story through role play and small world play. In drawing club, our new words of the week were “demolished”, “slumber” and “cramped”. We thought of some ideas for presents Goldilocks could give to the three bears (to say sorry!) and enjoyed drawing pictures of our ideas, then writing a sentence to match. We thought carefully about sounding out CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words, using finger spaces (spaces between each word) and full stops to show our sentence is finished. We also enjoyed creating maps to help the three bears find Goldilocks and used positional language (between, beside, on top, under, over) to support our map making!

Next we listened to the story of Jack and the beanstalk. We enjoyed retelling the story through role play, worked together to collage a giant's castle and created beanstalks with pipe cleaners and beads. In drawing club, our words for the week were "clambering", "ginormous" and "booming". We were also introduced to number 3 and 4. We have been exploring composition to 3 and 4, using Numicon and the part-whole model, then recording number sentences to match. 


Friday 10th November

We have had a great start to the new half term and have been busy learning about Diwali. As part of our learning, we have made diya lamps, learnt a Diwali dance, made rangoli patterns and learnt the story of Rama and Sita. 

Just a reminder, that each week we send home that weeks learnt sounds. This is a great opportunity for you to practice the sounds with your child, practice reading words with those sounds in and have a go at forming the sounds. We have had a big focus on reading CVC words recently, e.g dog, cat, dig. Please keep practicing these words as much as you can with your child, practicing segmenting and blending them.

In our maths sessions, we have been learning about the numbers 1-3. We have been looking at ways that we can make 3 and knowing that numbers can be switched around to make a number sentence e.g. 1 + 2 = 3 or 2 + 1 = 3. We have also practiced a skill called subitsing - knowing an amount without counting.

In our Drawing Club sessions, we have been encuoraging children to write CVC words using their phonic fingers to help them. We have encouraged them to sound out the words and then have a go at recording them. 

Well done for a fantastic start Foundation!


Friday 20th October


Well done to Foundation who have now finished their first half term of school! 

We have been very busy the last few weeks, greeting visitors from our school and community that help us. 

We loved meeting a doctor who showed us all the things they do to help us and also loved meeting a doctor who looks after our brains. We asked them lots of great questions!

We have also learnt about Autumn and the changes we may see around us as the season begins to change. 

If you would like to do extra learning with your child over half term, here are some ideas:

Reading and sharing stories

Phonics practice from our phonics homework sheets

Letter formation

Go on a walk and look for signs of Autumn

Cooking together and weighing out the ingredients 

At bath time, can we fill containers to make full and half full?

Can children create and find patterns in their environment?

But most importantly, have fun and rest!


Friday 6th October


Hello and welcome to Foundation’s blog!


Foundation have had a fantastic start to the school year and have settled in beautifully. We have been learning all about why we are special and who in school helps us.


Last week, we had a mystery guest each day from around the school. We had Mrs Slaven, our headteacher, Mr Bristow, our caretaker, Kerry and Vicky from the kitchen, Alison and Esther from the front office and Miss Ballam, our Assistant Headteacher. They told us all about what they do at school and we came up with some great questions to find out more about each person.


We have also begun to learn some of our new phonics sounds, so far we have learnt the sounds s a t p i n m d.

Important information:


Each week, children will bring home two books. One that they will be able to read to you and one that you can read to them. They will need to be returned each Monday so that they can be given new books. You will also receive a weekly phonics sheet for your child to practice the sounds learnt that week.


On Fridays the children will have PE and forest school, please provide them with a PE kit, wellies and a coat.