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Wednesday 27th March

We can’t believe that we are now at the end of the Spring term! It has gone by so quickly. Over the half term we have enjoyed learning about life cycles and seeing frog spawn grow into tadpoles and eggs hatch into chicks. We are sad to say goodbye to the chicks but know that they are going back to Miss Hazell’s Grandad’s farm to grow up and be egg laying hens.

We have also learnt about plants and all of the important things that they need to grow, some of us will be able to put this knowledge into practice next half term when gardening club starts. There are some amazing plans to add plants to our Foundation playground.

One of our highlights this half term, was learning about Yvonne Coomber. The children learnt some fantastic art skills, of printing, mixing and splatting and created some fantastic art work in the style of Yvonne Coomber.

We hope that you all have a fantastic Easter break and have a visit from the Easter bunny!

If you would like to do some home learning, here are some ideas:

Reading to your adult or having your adult read to you

Easter baking

Finding 3D shapes in our environment

Practicing counting to 10 and finding different ways to make the number 10

Going on a walk to find signs of Spring

Planting and looking after some seeds

Write an Easter card for a family member or a friend


Friday 15th March

This week, we have continued to create paintings of flowers, inspired by the artist Yvonne. We enjoyed flicking the paint using paint brushes, tooth brushes and paper straws! We painted a blue background, used glue spreaders and paint brushes to create the flowers and then had lots of fun adding the final touches to our pictures! We had to make sure the tools we were using were really close to the paper for it to work. We enjoyed sharing our creations with others and talking about the different techniques we had used.


In our maths lessons this week, we enjoyed exploring 1 more and 1 less. We used familiar rhymes and songs such as "one potato, two potato, three potato, four", "ten little aliens" and "ten green bottles" to help us think carefully about what was happening each time to the numbers. We also used stem sentences such as "8 is 1 more than 7" and "1 less than 5 is 4" to help us. After this, we moved on to number bonds to 10. A number bond is when two numbers join together to make a bigger number. We have a really strong understanding of number bonds to 5 and at the start of each lesson, focus on number bonds to 6, 7, 8 and 9. You can practise this at home by asking your child to put their hands behind their back and to show you one of these numbers with their fingers. You can then ask them to tell you the stem sentence to match. E.g. "7 is made with 4 and 3. 4 and 3 make 7" or a number sentence "4+3=7".  We are now going to have a big focus on number bonds to 10! It's really important to secure our number bond knowledge in Foundation, to help with our learning as we move through the school. 

In our drawing club sessions we listened to the story "That's my flower" and had to think of a way that squirrel could protect the flower he had discovered from the wind, rain and lightning. We thought carefully about sequencing our sentences using "first" and "next/then" and enjoyed thinking of our own ideas for the squirrel! Our ideas included building houses, making tents, using blankets and covering the flower with a canopy! 

We've had an exciting end to the week. Two of our chicks have hatched!! We can't wait to see what happens next!


Friday 8th March

This week we have been busy learning about plants. We’ve thought about what plants need to survive and set up our own experiment to see what happens to plants in different circumstances. We have set up two plants in the sun, one which will be watered and one which won’t be. We also have two plants which will be kept in the dark, again one will be watered and one which won’t be. We made predictions about what we think will happen and look forward to observing the plants over the next couple of weeks.

In Drawing Club this week, we read the story of ‘The Bad Seed’. It follows a seed who is very badly behaved and likes pushing into lines, not saying please and thank you and not sharing. In the end he decides that he would like to be a good seed. We really enjoyed creating our own bad characters. We had some bad ice creams, bad hot dogs and a bad potato! We used speech bubbles for the characters to tell us what they liked to do.

In maths, we explored the numbers of 9 and 10. We thought about how these numbers can be made and how we can represent them in different ways.


Friday 1st March

This week we listened to a story called "The Odd Egg" by Emily Gravett. We really enjoyed the story and were very surprised to see that a crocodile hatched out of the egg that duck had found! We have drawn a nest for duck's egg to go inside to stay protected and imagined that duck has found another egg and wondered what it might look like. We all wrote a special code which started with the phrase "The nest is..." to make duck come quickly so he doesn't miss the egg hatching and we also wrote some number double sentences to make the egg crack in a special way!

We have also been busy building on our prior knowledge of mixing primary colours to make secondary colours and explored using different materials to paint with to create texture. We have been learning about the artist Yvonne Coombes and how she uses materials to paint her beautiful textured floral art. We have enjoyed having a go of our own to finding out what works well and what doesn't! We are checking on our chicks daily and are very excited for them to hatch soon! 

Monday 26th February

At the moment we are exploring lifecycles! We have been introduced to the lifecycle of a chicken, a frog and a butterfly and have enjoyed exploring through role play, small world, fine motor and playdough. We had a big surprise when some real eggs arrived in school and we can't wait to watch them develop into chicks. We also went on a walk last week to look for signs of Spring and were very excited when we discovered some frogspawn in the school pond! 

In our drawing club sessions, we listened to The Hungry Caterpillar and enjoyed creating our own friend for the Caterpillar and thinking about what else could appear out of the cocoon. We also recorded sentences to describe our characters! 

In our maths sessions, we have enjoyed exploring length and height. We created our own obstacle courses with a long jump and also made some ramps to help us explore the distance a car might travel. We also enjoyed measuring height and used stem sentences using tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter and shortest. 

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Friday 9th February

What a fantastic week Foundation have had! The children loved going on our first school trip, we went on a coach, which we found very exciting! The coach took us on a tour around Exeter and we had scavenger hunt for different methods of transport that we could see. We spotted buses, cars, bikes, a fire engine and boats! We then stopped at the Quay for a picnic lunch and some time in the play park. The children were exceptionally well behaved and were a credit to the school. After our trip, the children wrote some amazing sentences about what they saw and did on the trip.

In maths, we’ve been exploring odd and even numbers. We noticed that numicon with a flat top, is an even number and numicon with a bumpy top is odd. We were able to sort the numicon to show all the odd and even numbers.

If you would like to continue learning with your child over half term, here are some ideas:

  • Reading a range of books and sharing stories.
  • Can you visit some of the landmarks in Exeter and learn a bit more about them?
  • Can you find numbers in the environment?
  • Cooking using measuring.
  • Bathtime capacity, what containers are full, empty or half full?
  • Can you write a card for a friend?

Please share any of these (or any other adventures!) with us on Tapestry!


Friday 2nd February

We have had a great week this week learning about Transport. We learnt all about types of transport, how transport has changed over time and talked about what type of transport we would like to use to come to school. As part of our Drawing Club, we listened to the story "The Hundred Decker Bus" and enjoyed creating our own decks full of exciting things! Our Phonics this week has been focusing on longer words and chunking them to be able to read them. In Maths, we have been learning all about numbers 6, 7 and 8 and used a double dice frame to make them. We finished the week celebrating 'Robot Rock Day' where we all dressed up as either Numberblocks, rockstars or robots and had a wonderful time at a costume parade, completing a Numberblock themed Drawing Club and making doubles. 


Monday 29th January

Our focus for the last couple of weeks has been weather. We have been busy creating our own weather charts, forecasts and pictures. We have also made shaving foam clouds and weather jars. In our drawing club sessions, we listened to the story “The Little Raindrop” by Joanna Gray all about the water cycle. We then had lots of fun drawing where we thought the raindrop would land if it was windy and what it might see if it was sunny and raining.

In our maths sessions we have been busy learning to subitise objects from 1 to 5. We have learnt that subitising is “knowing not counting!”. We have been practising this skill a lot to develop our fluency and number recognition by looking at different representations. We have also explored mass and capacity, using phrases such as “greater than” and “less than” to describe mass and “more” and “less” to describe capacity.

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Friday 12th January

Reception have had a great start to the New Year. We have been so impressed with how much the children remembered over the holidays and how keen they have been to show us all of their new phonic knowledge!

This week we have been learning about where we live and about homes around the world. We know that we live in Exeter in a country called the United Kingdom and loved sharing our photos of ourselves and our families around the city. We are able to talk about lots of the key landmarks in Exeter that make our city so special. We also loved learning about homes around the world, we loved finding out about Mongolian nomads and how they can move their homes around and also about how some people in Amsterdam live in house boats! 

In Maths, we recapped our knowledge of number bonds to five. We used part whole models to help us find different ways to make five and wrote the number sentences to go with them.

In our writing this week, we wrote about Jack Frost using our phonic sounds to write sentences such as 'Jack Frost is cool', 'He is cold' and 'Jack Frost zooms'.


Friday 8th December 

Foundation have been busy over the last couple of weeks getting ready for our Nativity performance. The children have enjoyed learning the songs and the story of the first Christmas. Our visit to the church was great fun earlier in the week, we loved seeing where we would be performing and having a go at practicing there.

In maths we have been learning about the number five and then adding one more and one less. The children enjoyed using the maths language in provision and played number track games to put into practice in their learning.

We have also read the story ‘Lost and found’ for Drawing Club. The children loved thinking of ways that the penguin could travel – we had sea plans, speed boats and bath tubs!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the church next week for our Nativity!


Friday 24th November

Over the last couple of weeks we have focused on two traditional tales. We listened to the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. We enjoyed retelling the story through role play and small world play. In drawing club, our new words of the week were “demolished”, “slumber” and “cramped”. We thought of some ideas for presents Goldilocks could give to the three bears (to say sorry!) and enjoyed drawing pictures of our ideas, then writing a sentence to match. We thought carefully about sounding out CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words, using finger spaces (spaces between each word) and full stops to show our sentence is finished. We also enjoyed creating maps to help the three bears find Goldilocks and used positional language (between, beside, on top, under, over) to support our map making!

Next we listened to the story of Jack and the beanstalk. We enjoyed retelling the story through role play, worked together to collage a giant's castle and created beanstalks with pipe cleaners and beads. In drawing club, our words for the week were "clambering", "ginormous" and "booming". We were also introduced to number 3 and 4. We have been exploring composition to 3 and 4, using Numicon and the part-whole model, then recording number sentences to match. 


Friday 10th November

We have had a great start to the new half term and have been busy learning about Diwali. As part of our learning, we have made diya lamps, learnt a Diwali dance, made rangoli patterns and learnt the story of Rama and Sita. 

Just a reminder, that each week we send home that weeks learnt sounds. This is a great opportunity for you to practice the sounds with your child, practice reading words with those sounds in and have a go at forming the sounds. We have had a big focus on reading CVC words recently, e.g dog, cat, dig. Please keep practicing these words as much as you can with your child, practicing segmenting and blending them.

In our maths sessions, we have been learning about the numbers 1-3. We have been looking at ways that we can make 3 and knowing that numbers can be switched around to make a number sentence e.g. 1 + 2 = 3 or 2 + 1 = 3. We have also practiced a skill called subitsing - knowing an amount without counting.

In our Drawing Club sessions, we have been encuoraging children to write CVC words using their phonic fingers to help them. We have encouraged them to sound out the words and then have a go at recording them. 

Well done for a fantastic start Foundation!


Friday 20th October


Well done to Foundation who have now finished their first half term of school! 

We have been very busy the last few weeks, greeting visitors from our school and community that help us. 

We loved meeting a doctor who showed us all the things they do to help us and also loved meeting a doctor who looks after our brains. We asked them lots of great questions!

We have also learnt about Autumn and the changes we may see around us as the season begins to change. 

If you would like to do extra learning with your child over half term, here are some ideas:

Reading and sharing stories

Phonics practice from our phonics homework sheets

Letter formation

Go on a walk and look for signs of Autumn

Cooking together and weighing out the ingredients 

At bath time, can we fill containers to make full and half full?

Can children create and find patterns in their environment?

But most importantly, have fun and rest!


Friday 6th October


Hello and welcome to Foundation’s blog!


Foundation have had a fantastic start to the school year and have settled in beautifully. We have been learning all about why we are special and who in school helps us.


Last week, we had a mystery guest each day from around the school. We had Mrs Slaven, our headteacher, Mr Bristow, our caretaker, Kerry and Vicky from the kitchen, Alison and Esther from the front office and Miss Ballam, our Assistant Headteacher. They told us all about what they do at school and we came up with some great questions to find out more about each person.


We have also begun to learn some of our new phonics sounds, so far we have learnt the sounds s a t p i n m d.

Important information:


Each week, children will bring home two books. One that they will be able to read to you and one that you can read to them. They will need to be returned each Monday so that they can be given new books. You will also receive a weekly phonics sheet for your child to practice the sounds learnt that week.


On Fridays the children will have PE and forest school, please provide them with a PE kit, wellies and a coat.