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Through our curriculum, we teach the children the fundamentals of music to help them build the knowledge, skills and understanding of the subject to enable them to enjoy a rich experience of music.

Hello, I am Mrs Taylor, the Music Lead at St Leonard’s. I believe in maximising children’s exposure to music, in the hope that we can light the spark that will drive a child to go on and enjoy a life that is rich with music. We combine whole class teaching with a wide range of specialist, peripatetic teachers that we subsidise to help our most disadvantaged children access. We also have 2 thriving choirs and several grand musical performances over the year.

What do Music lessons look like at St Leonard’s? 

Musical knowledge, understanding and skills provide the framework and approaches that enable children to explore the multiple dimensions of music. Our teaching will equip pupils with knowledge about periods of music history, notable musicians and composers, how music is recorded, how to compose music and how to play instruments musically. Teachers and specialist staff use Charanga to ensure music knowledge and skills develop progressively, across the school.

We also borrow sets of musical instruments over the school year, to give the children the opportunity to play as part of an ensemble.

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Music Progression Map 27th Nov 2023 Download