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Curriculum at St Leonard's CofE Primary School

'Be The Best You Can Be'


At St Leonard's we truly believe that every child can 'Be The Best They Can Be' and we design our curriculum around this growth mindset and shape our topics in a way that promotes individual excellence and growth. An integral part of this are our 'Learning Animals' which help us think carefully about successful learning and successful learner behaviours.



At St Leonard’s, we believe best practice stems from an approach underpinned by current research, aligned with our school aims.


The principles underpinning our wider curriculum are broadly in line with the aims of the Cambridge Primary Review. Our key reference is ‘Introducing The Cambridge Primary Review: Children, their world, their education’ (CPR, 2009).


The report proposes a framework of 12 aims for primary education, grounded in its evidence on the imperatives of childhood, society and the wider world today, advocating a full curriculum, going beyond national assessment criteria alone.


The Cambridge Review’s Proposed Aims for Primary Education

A focus on the individual child’s:

  • Well-being
  • Engagement
  • Empowerment
  • Autonomy


In relating to their world to:

  • Encourage respect and reciprocity
  • Promote interdependence and sustainability
  • Empower local, national and global citizenship
  • Celebrate culture and community


In providing for their education a focus on:

  • Exploring, knowing, understanding, making sense
  • Fostering skill
  • Exciting the imagination
  • Enacting dialogue


Curriculum Entitlement at St Leonard’s

We believe all children in primary school are entitled to a curriculum which:

  1. Enacts a coherent and properly argued set of educational aims
  2. Secures high standards in literacy and numeracy yet is also broad, balanced and rich
  3. Engages children’s attention, excites and empowers their thinking and advances their knowledge, understanding and skill
  4. Attends to children’s present as well as their future needs, providing a proper foundation for later learning and choice
  5. Addresses the conditions of society and the wider world
  6. Ensures progression from early years through primary to secondary without losing its developmental distinctiveness at any of these stages
  7. Is taught to the highest possible standard in all its aspects, not just ‘the basics’


(Cambridge Primary Review Final Report, p237-278)

The five learning behaviors are: Keeping Going, Making Connections, Looking Forward and Back, Working Together and Curiosity. At St Leonard’s we have assigned an animal to each of the dispositions to help them to become more meaningful to the children.



Curriculum Statement - in full

Our School Curriculum Overview Year 1 to 6 2019/20

More than just the National Curriculum

At St Leonard's we want to enrich the learning of our pupils by recognising the experiences that learners will have beyond the National Curriculum. Below are the Experience Passports for each year group throughout the school, which highlight some of the experiences we will offer which enrich the learning of all our pupils. 

(As we adapt our curriculum to our learners, these experiences may change to meet the interests and needs of our wonderful pupils)

EYFS Curriculum


At St Leonard’s we recognise that every child is unique. We understand that children develop in individual ways and at varying rates. We want our children to be independent and self-motivated learners, encouraging the children to adapt their work, think critically and take risks with their learning.


Our curriculum:

  • is at the heart of our learning journey approach

  • is distinctive, innovative and strategically planned with the individual pupils in mind

  • is research informed

  • introduces challenging, engaging and real life problems

  • strives to encourage and develop a love of learning

  • lets learning happen within a child centred approach

  • ensures all areas of learning are regarded with the same level of importance and are interlinked in learning

  • includes fundamental British values to teach children a sense of self and belonging; enabling them to learn and stay true to the values that make people good human beings

  • ensures that children learn to live together peacefully, with each of them playing a valuable role in the multicultural world in which they live.


The Foundation classes follows the curriculum as outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) document, which is available at


Teaching of Phonics

At St Leonard's CofE Primary we follow 'Letter and Sounds' to deliver our teaching of phonics. More information about our approach and our use of this scheme of learning can be found below in Curriculum Related Documents.

Year 1 Topic Webs

Year 1 Topic Web Autumn Term 1

Year 2 Topic Webs

Year 3 Topic Webs

Year 4 Topic Webs

Year 5 Topic Webs

Year 6 Topic Webs

Curriculum Progression Maps

School Motto

Be The Best You Can Be

Mission Statement

'And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds,'Hebrews 10:24

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