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Friday 29th April 


Year 1 have had a great first week back at school and have shown positive attitudes to their learning. 


This week we have started reading our new book 'What do you do with a tail like this?' We are looking forward to finding out more about animals in science and using this to create our own fact pages. 

We have been practising using capital letters ,full stops and question marks correctly.


In maths we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. This will help us next week when we start exploring arrays. Keep practising counting forwards and back in 2s, 5s and 10s. 


You can find out more about our learning this term by clicking on the curriculum map section of our class page. 





Wow! The children have been so busy writing their own Little Red Riding Hood stories. We have created so many fantastic alternative endings such as the wolf being tickled by a feather, being covered in maple syrup and chased away by bees and even standing on spiky pine conkers! 

The children have loved writing their own stories and reading them to their friends. We look forward to sharing these with you during parents evening on the 5th and 7th April. 


Next week we will be exploring fairy tales. If you have any fairy tale books at home please bring them in for us to share. Don't forget to name them so that we can return them to you. 


The children got to enjoy the sunshine this week by being scientists! We have been learning about materials and their properties. We created a very exciting experiment to explore how materials act in water. It was great fun predicting and then testing a range of objects! 


We have been learning about structures and in the next few weeks we will be designing and making a new chair for baby bear. We need lots of cardboard boxes to do this, if you have some please bring them into school by Thursday 24th. 



As part of our RE learning the children visited the local church. They completed a scavenger hunt, did some sketching of the different parts of the church and had a very interesting question and answer session with Ruth. This was a great opportunity for them to find out more about Christianity. We will then continue this learning by looking at a synagogue and the special objects which you may find inside. We will begin comparing similarities and differences. 


In maths we have been exploring length and have used both non-standard measure such as cubes and standard measures for example rulers to measure the length and height of various objects in our classroom. We have been using the language longer than, shorter than, taller than to compare. 


We are busy preparing to write our own Little Red Riding Hood stories by planning our own alternative endings. We are looking forward to sharing these with our friends. 

WB: 28.02.22


Welcome Back!


This week we will be starting our brand new book Little Red Riding Hood by Ed Bryan. This is an exciting and slightly different version of the classic traditional tale. Share it with your child by using the following link

This week we will be reading the story and creating our own story maps! Throughout the next few weeks we will be learning lots of writing skills which will help us to write our own version of the story.


In maths we will be exploring length and height using the vocabulary long, longer, longest, short, shorter, shortest, tall, taller, tallest. Explore comparing lengths and heights at home, you could explore comparing the heights of your family, the length of their hands or feet! 


We will be continuing to learn lots of new sounds and tricky words and be using what we have learnt by reading three times a week in our practice reading groups. Class teachers will be sticking the sounds we have learnt into our reading diaries. Please use these to practice at home! 


PE will continue to be taught on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon. 

WB 31.01.22


Year 1 have been learning all about the weather. They have become artists by exploring and experimenting with paint to show the various different weathers we experience across the seasons. The children have loved being scientists and have made their own wind streamers to test the speed and direction of the wind. They were also very excited to find a rain gauge outside...each day we check the weather forecast and check how much rain has fallen. 


We are beginning to look at non-fiction texts and will be creating our very own information book all about the seasons. The children have enjoyed looking at a range of books and spotting the differences between fiction and non-fiction texts. 


In maths we have been learning about numbers to 50, we have been practising counting forwards and backwards from a given number and are beginning to understand how numbers are made of tens and ones. 


White Rose Maths have created a fun new app called 1 minute maths. This is a free app which will enable your child to build greater number confidence and fluency. Engaging in 1 minute chunks!

Find out more here: 


WB: 10.01.22


Welcome back Year 1!

The children have settled back into school life and have been wowing us with their readiness to learn and enthusiasm. This week we have been introducing our new topic Weather. We have been lucky enough to explore some frosty mornings and have begun observing the weather each day. You can find out more about our curriculum this term by looking at our learning web.


We will be reading the text I Love Bugs by Emma Dodd and using this to help us create our own poems. You could share this at home with your child by searching for read aloud versions on YouTube. Soon they will be able to show you the actions as we learn to retell the book.

Please check your child’s reading diary for a sticker containing all of the sounds and tricky words we have learnt recently. Please practice these with your child. In the coming weeks we will be uploading videos to our blog to show you how we are teaching reading in school.


The children have been enjoying lots of time outside however with the wet weather they are becoming a little muddy! If you have a pair of wellies which your child could bring in and wear at lunch and playtimes please name them and bring them into school.


We will be continuing to set weekly home learning ideas. These are saved on the home learning section of our year 1 class page. We always love to see home learning so please bring things in to share.

Friday 26th November. 




We have been reading words with the digraphs ay, ou, oy and ea. We have also been reading longer words such as lightning, powder and farmyard. We now know the tricky words says and here. 


Reading Books

This book has been carefully matched to your child’s current reading level. If your child is reading it with little help, please don’t worry that it’s too easy – your child needs to develop fluency and confidence in reading. When reading at home we aim for children to be reading at 95% fluency. We have recently matched all of our books to our phonics progression rather than traditional colour bands. Your child may bring home a different colour book band to usual. This is okay as the teachers have matched the books to 95% fluency.




This week we have been learning about the key features of instructions such as bossy verbs, adverbs and time conjunctions. We have also learnt to use question marks and exclamation marks. Next week we will be planning and writing our own instructions in the style of How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth. We can't wait to share these with you. 



Year 1 became shape detectives! We have been naming, describing and sorting both 3D and 3D shapes. Can you spot any in your house or out and about? 



Thank you so much for all of the toys and pictures shared with us for home learning. We have enjoyed looking at and comparing toys in the past and today. 

Friday 19th November 


Year 1 have wowed us this week with their determination and enthusiasm for learning. It has also been great to see so many children bringing in their history home learning which we can't wait to share next week. 




As a school we are teaching phonics and reading using the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds programme. You can find more information about this and how we teaching reading in the phonics section of the year 1 class page. 


Year 1 are given regular opportunities to apply the phonics they have learned to reading fully decodable books. The children have been taking part in reading practice sessions which take place at least three times a week. Each reading practice session has clear focus using a book matched to their secure phonic level to enable the children to read at 90% fluency. 

The reading practice sessions have been designed to focus on three key reading skills:

 • decoding

• prosody – reading with meaning, stress and intonation

• comprehension – understanding the text.




We started the week decorating our own poppy biscuits and then writing our own instructions to help others make their own. This led nicely into reading and exploring our new text How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth. A funny text based on instructions. We created our own story boards and had lots of fun retelling the instructions. Next week we are going to learn more about the key features of instructions and begin writing our own. 



This week we consolidated our understanding of addition and subtraction by using a number line to solve problems. We have also been practising number bonds to 10. Being able to quickly recall number bonds to numbers to 10 will help the children solve calculations. 



We are really lucky and have some fantastic sports coaches from Exeter City supporting our Friday PE session. We have been developing our hand eye coordination through a range of tennis style activities. 


Don't forget to have a look at the home learning page for ideas for how to support your child at home. 



Friday 5th November


It has been lovely to hear about all of the exciting things the children have been up to over their half term, lots of the children are also very excited about Bonfire night. 


This week we have been learning all about Bonfire night and why it is celebrated, we sequenced the story of the Gunpowder Plot and have made fireworks pictures. 

In English we have read and performed fireworks poems and learnt all about onomatopoeia. We will continue reading and creating our own kenning poems next week. 


The children have wowed us in maths! We have been learning how to add two groups together by counting on and recording using the symbols + and =

Next week we will begin learning about subtraction. 


We are also looking forward to a visit from Devon Waste Education who will be coming in on Tuesday to run workshops all about materials with all children in year 1. 


This half term PE days will be on a Wednesday and Friday, children will need to wear PE kit on these days. 


You can find out more about what we are learning this half term by looking at our learning web. You can find this on the curriculum page of the website. 



Year 1 Harvest Festival at St Leonard's Church Exeter

Harvest songs 4

Harvest song 3

Harvest song 2

Harvest song 1

Friday 22nd October 2021


We have had a very busy final week of half term.  We have continued our daily phonics, practised our number-bonds in maths and written our own versions of the story 'Stuck' by Oliver Jeffers.


It was lovely to meet with all the families at parent's evenings and to celebrate how well the children have settled into year 1 and the progress they have made already.


On Thursday we held our Harvest Festival at St Leonard's Church.  Thank you to all the families who were able to come and support us and for all the donations for Exeter Food bank.  


The children were really excited to perform on the stage at the church.  Unfortunately there was a technical hitch with the recording of the sound, so we will share with you both the recording from the church and the recording of the songs during our rehearsal at school.


Have a lovely halt-term break.


We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 2nd November.


Year 1 Teachers.


Year 1 

Friday 15th October 2021. 


The children have been busy preparing for our Harvest Festival! They have been busy making different props and practising the songs. Year 2 were even lucky enough to have a sneak preview of our singing during celebration assembly.  The children can't wait to perform for you all and are very excited. 


In English this week we created our own shared story based on the book Stuck. We have also planned our own stories ready to write next week. 


Year 1 have worked really hard in maths this week learning all about part whole models, the addition symbol and fact families. Here are some links if you would like to look at what we have learnt this week:


It has been lovely to see children bringing in tins of food to support the foodbank. You can find out more about this in our school newsletter. 








Year 1 

Friday 8th October 2021.


This week the children attended an assembly linked to black history month led by Mr Doku. Mr Doku launched an exciting competition for all of the children from year 1-year 6. He would like as many children as possible to create a poem, poster, picture or song on black history month. A prize will be given to the best entry from each year group! Pass on your entries to your class teacher. 


Year 1 have been hard at work learning and practising songs ready for our harvest festival! Information has been sent out to parents and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. 

Thursday 21st October at 1.45 St Leonard's Church. 


English: We have been learning the story of Stuck by creating story maps and retelling the story to others. We have also been learning about capital letters for names, places and the start of sentences. We are trying really hard to make sure we remember capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. 


Maths: This week we completed our first block of maths. We have been learning how to compare and order numbers and use a number line. 



Year 1 Blog

Friday 1st October 2021


You may have noticed something strange about one of the trees in the woodland this week! The children were really excited and keen to explore what had happened. The children had amazing ideas from things falling out of the clouds to the teachers having a party! They then independently had a go at writing their own story about how the things got stuck in the tree!

This was a hook for our new text Stuck by Oliver Jeffers. We read the book together and made predictions based on what we heard. Next week we will be learning the story. You can watch Oliver Jeffers reading the book here:


In maths this week we have been continuing our learning on place value. We have been finding one more and one less and comparing numbers using the language greater than, less than and equal to. The children have enjoyed using lots of resources to support their learning and have even been using the symbols < > = to record.


Despite a change in weather and some rainy days we have managed to get outside and have enjoyed going on a senses walk around the grounds. We used our sense of sight, hearing, smell and touch to investigate and explore.


We are really proud of the children and how much reading they have been doing at home. We are currently recapping and consolidating Phase 3 sounds. This week we have been reading and writing words with the sounds ar, or, ur, er, ow and oi. See if you can spot any of these sounds in your reading book this week.

WB: 13.09.21


Welcome to Year 1. 


We have had a fantastic first week in Year 1! 

The children have explored their new classrooms, made new friends and got to know the teachers and teaching assistants. We have learnt all about some of the St Leonard's learning characters who will help us learn and be the best we can be. We learnt about perseverance, working as a team and being curious to help us learn and find out more. The children loved creating their own characters and we am sure many of these have been shared at home. 


This week we will be sharing the book The Rainbow Fish. We will be using this text to inspire sentence writing as well as using it to explore the themes of friendship and kindness. In maths we will be sorting, counting and representing objects in various ways. 


Your child will now have a new reading book and reading diary, please sign the reading diary when you have read with your child and bring it to school everyday. We will be providing parents with more information about reading at home soon. 


Year 1 will be taught PE on a Monday and Wednesday, children will need to come into school in their PE kit. 


We look forward to another amazing week in Year 1. 

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