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Covid-19 Absences

Please report all Covid-19 pupil absences to school by leaving a voice message on 01392 666570 or by emailing


Should your child receive a positive Covid-19 result during a school holiday, please email

The School Day


This school is committed to providing a full and efficient educational experience for all pupils. It is also committed to meeting the DfE (Department for Education) and Devon targets for raising levels of school attendance as set out in the Devon Local Authority Attendance Strategy. We believe that if pupils are to benefit from education, excellent attendance is crucial. We do all that we can to ensure maximum attendance for all pupils.


Here is our school day...


8.30am - School gates and registration opens.

School gates close at 8.45am. Children arriving after 8.45am will need to access school via the office and will be marked as late 'L'.

9am+ - Children arriving after 9am will need to access school via the office and will be marked as 'U' unauthorised absence for the morning session.


KS1 - Set break of 20 mins

KS2 - Set break of 15 mins


11.30 - 12.30 - KS1 lunch time

12.30 - 1.30 - KS2 lunch time


3.00pm - End to our school day.

If your child is poorly


We recognise and understand that children do become poorly and this may result in them being unable to attend school. We ask that parents make the school office (01392 666570) aware of any absences by 8.30am for every day that their child is absent.


If your child has vomited, we ask that parents keep their child off school for 48 hours after the last episode of sickness.


If your child is contagious, we ask that parents follow doctors instruction regarding absence from school. Please keep the school informed about this.


School can administer prescribed medication if parents have completed the correct permissions form. These can be found at the office or in the 'Medical' section of our website.


If your child has a cold or is feeling a little unwell, we encourage parents to bring their child to school. Teachers are very vigilant and the school will contact parents if their child begins to feel worse or become too unwell to remain in school.


The office team are able to support parents with any queries regarding absences due to illness.

Link to our most recent 'School Attendance Information' letter

Termly Attendance 2020-2021


Whole School Attendance = 97.1%


Term One = 97.7%

Term Two = 96.9%

Term Three = 97.1%

Termly Attendance 2019-2020


Term One = 96.0%

Term Two = Pods  

Term Three = Pods 

Termly Attendance 2018-2019


Whole School Attendance = 96.1%


Term One = 96.8%

Term Two = 96.1%

Term Three = 95.8%

Termly Attendance 2017-2018


Whole School Attendance = 96.4%


Term One = 96.6%

Term Two = 96.1%

Term Three = 96.3%

What communication can parents expect from school?

School will make contact with parents throughout the year regarding attendance. As we have a duty of care to inform parents about attendance, we will write to parents if and when attendance falls below a certain point. For most parents this will be to share information about current attendance so that they remained informed and get seek to maintain positive attendance. Some parents may be invited into school to discuss attendance and how the school can support in improving it moving forward as a school-parent partnership.


At the start of each academic year

Parents will receive a letter reminding them about the legal responsibility regarding term time holidays and the school responsibility to share information about term time holidays with Devon County Council.


If attendance falls below 95%

If a child's attendance falls below 95%, parents will receive 'Letter 1'. The purpose of this letter is draw parents attention to the current attendance percentage. 


If, after a Letter 1, attendance isn't improving

If parents have received a 'Letter 1' and attendance continues to fall, parents will receive a 'Letter 2' which invites parents into school to meet with a school representative to discuss how we can work together to improve attendance. This meeting will form clear actions to improve attendance together. The EWO (Education Welfare Officer) may be involved at this point or the School Nurse may be invited to support.


School Motto

Be The Best You Can Be

Mission Statement

'And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds,'Hebrews 10:24

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