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Welcome to Year 4!

Rachel Taylor, Danni Wilkinson, Emma Harris, Vicky Viney


Welcome to our  year group page.  This is where we share the children's fantastic learning and achievements, as well as class information, trip details and other reminders.  We hope you visit regularly as the children love to show off what they can do!

Helping your child with spelling

Parent Information Session powerpoint

12.10.18 - Researching Fearsome Beasts

12.10.18 - Researching Fearsome Beasts 1
As part of our Fearsome Beasts topic the children have been using ICT to research and present information about different real and mythical creatures.

09.10.18 - More Rock Investigating

09.10.18  -  More Rock Investigating  1
Today we have been using a question key to work out if our rocks were sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic. We used close observation skills and simple tests to answer questions and classify our rocks.

Macmillan Coffee, cake and origami dragons!

Macmillan Coffee, cake and origami dragons! 1


Thank you to everyone who donated cakes and came to eat them at our Macmillan Coffee Afternoon last Wednesday.  We had a lot of fiddly fun making origami dragons too - the tricky ones were a true test of our growth mindsets!


We raised a fantastic £251.10!


02.10.18 - Rock Detectives

02.10.18 -  Rock Detectives 1
This week we have been rock detectives! We have looked at different rocks to find out which ones are hard, soft, crumbly,bumpy and even if we can write with them. We have started learning about how different rocks are formed too.
Picture 1

25.09.18 Making our own volcanic eruptions!

25.09.18 Making our own volcanic eruptions! 1
Today we made our own volcanoes. We combined vinegar, baking powder, washing-up liquid and a little orange paint and watched the chemical reaction cause our volcanoes to erupt. We then experimented with what makes the reaction more powerful. It was great fun! 

18.9.18 Tall tales and dangerous dragons!  Our day with Clive Pig!

We have had a wonderful day today with author and storyteller Clive Pig.  The children were entertained, inspired and challenged in the most creative atmosphere, and we have all had a lot of fun!  After a whole year group story session, Clive visited each class for some workshop activities.  The children used their word wands (pencils) to draw and describe their own ogres and monsters and listened to stories from around the world.  Have a look at some of us in action!

Suggested Reading Books

11.9.18 A warm welcome to year 4!

What a busy first few weeks the children in year 4 have had!  We have been very impressed by how well they have settled in to their new classrooms, new routines and new learning expectations!  We hope they have been telling you all about the fantastic learning they have been doing, but just in case, here is a quick summary (and check out the photographs below to see them in action!)


In maths, we have been really embedding our understanding of place value and are getting to grips with multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.  We are practising our times tables, rounding numbers and will be looking at roman numerals this week.


In literacy, the children have been using adjectives and adverbs to produce some wonderful descriptions of the Dragons of the British Isles, and learning how to paragraph their work to keep it organised and easy to read.  We have already given out some 'pen licences' and are working hard on making our handwriting the best it can be.


Our topic this term is 'Fearsome Beasts' and we have shared what we already know about dragons, dinosaurs, volcanoes and fossils, thought hard about curious questions we would like to answer, built dragon nests, painted dragon eggs and drawn charcoal dragons!


All of this alongside French, ICT, PE, mindfulness and meditation!  PHEW!!


We are looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday 19th September at 5pm for an informal welcome and 'meet the team'.

7.9.18                   Class Dojo

Year 4 use Class Dojo as a method of rewarding the children for super behaviour, making good choices, displaying excellent attitudes to learning, sharing their work and much more.  The Class Dojo App allows us to communicate this with parents and keep you informed about activities we are doing.  If you have not received a log in code and would like to get involved, please see your child's class teacher.  The children can access the Dojo from home and share photos of their home learning and achievements.  The Class Dojo however, does not replace any of the other means of communication and text messaging, email and newsletters will continue to be used, and requests for meetings with teachers or raising concerns about your child, should always be made via email through the school office.  Many thanks!