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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Welcome to our  year group page.  This is where we share the children's fantastic learning and achievements, as well as class information, trip details and other reminders.  We hope you visit regularly as the children love to show off what they can do!

20th July 2018

Bridge building, teamwork testing!

In small teams, the children in year 4 have been designing, making, and testing (to the point of destruction!), bridges spanning a 1 metre gap. Applying their understanding of shape, stability and balance, and using only art straws, masking tape and string, their teamwork and perseverance have been tested to the max! Well done to all the children for showing some brilliant growth mindsets, amazing determination and creative constructions. Bridges were scored on appearance as well as strength - have a look at our photographs to see how they got on!

16th July 2018

Rivers and riddles

Year 4 have continued to make the most of the fantastic weather and our stunning local scenery over the last week.  We have walked around the quay and riverside, studying and sketching the different styles of bridges that we could see.  We noted the similarities and differences and looked for evidence of the strongest shapes.  We will be designing and testing our own special kinds of bridges later in the week!

Back in the classroom, we have been looking at the works of Monet and have had a go at turning our bridge sketches into Monet-inspired impressionist paintings of our own (pictures to follow). 

We have also walked to Belle Isle Park to seek inspiration for some Kennings poems.  We will be uploading these to the class pages in our ICT this week.  See if you can work out what we are describing!

Exploring the Exe Estuary - Cockles, crabs and curious creatures!

On Wednesday, the first of our three classes, 4 Foxes, set off on their visit to the Exe Estuary at Exmouth.  After catching the train (a first for some children!), we were met by Ranger Penny who explained how the hundreds of thousands of creatures living in and on the estuary have adapted over time, in order to survive both the elements and predators.  The children were challenged to collect as many different types of shells as they could - a challenge which was quickly adapted itself, to become 'find the biggest crab'!

The children also had the opportunity to dig for lugworms and ragworms and explore the channel for swimming creatures.  They found shrimp, a sand eel, flatfish and more!  It was lovely to see the children so curious about the environment and eager to find out more.

After 2 hours investigating the windswept estuary and then eating our picnic lunches, we returned to the train station, only to discover that our train had been cancelled!  The children were absolutely fantastic - even when the next train was also cancelled!  A huge thank you to Mr Richards for very generously distracting and refreshing the children with ice lollies, and also to Mrs Moaligou-Jeffries, for providing the paper and pens!  Have a look at some of our photographs from our day out - and keep an eye out for photos from Rabbits and Badgers visits coming up shortly!   


Exeter Chiefs Tag Rugby & Rugby Maths

Exeter Chiefs Tag Rugby & Rugby Maths 1
Year 4 have been having fun with Exeter Chiefs.  We have been playing Tag Rugby and applying a rugby theme to our Maths lessons.

Exe Valley Challenge Practice

This afternoon, the children in year 4 took part in a practice walk, in order for them to decide whether they would like to have a go at the Exe Valley Challenge this year. Armed with sun hats, water bottles, sun cream and snacks, they set off in the glorious sunshine on a 5km trek around the beautiful river Exe. They were very determined despite the heat and it was lovely to hear them encouraging each other when the going got tricky. Well done year 4! 

Picture 1
Picture 2

A classroom without a roof!

14th May 2018

4 Foxes made the most of the glorious sunshine this morning and moved their classroom outside! They found themselves a comfortable spot and continued working on their own Greek myths. We will be doing as much of this as possible in the sunny weather so please remember sun cream, water bottles and hats!

Free Write Friday!

4 Foxes have had a wonderful afternoon, with our first Free Write Friday.  This initiative has been created by author Cressida Cowell and encourages children to write, draw and imagine for pleasure. They can write and draw whatever they want, in their own books, which are never corrected. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are not important. This initiative is all about the joy of expressing your imagination.


Follow the link for more information. 

Groovy Greek Artefacts!

We have been very busy (and quite messy!) in year 4 this week. First, we looked at lots of pictures of Greek pottery and had a go at designing our own. We looked closely at the patterns used and chose pictures that depicted either everyday life or Greek mythology. Then we used air-drying clay to make coil pots. Some of us found it really tricky to get the shapes we wanted, and to smooth them without breaking them! Once they were dry, we painted them in earthy colours. We will finish them by transferring our designs onto the painted surfaces.  They have really challenged our patience, perseverance and cooperation skills but think they already look great!

We have drawn what we think our skeletons look like from our existing knowledge and feeling our bones beneath our skin.  How accurate have we been?  Next week we will compare our drawings to our real life size model skeleton to find out.   How many bones do we have?

Science: our skeletons

28.3.18  New spellings for Rabbits

Rabbits will be bringing home new spellings where the 's' sound is spelled 'sc'

They will be exploring this spelling pattern during the 1st week back after the Easter Holidays with a test on

Friday 20 th April.





















19.3.18 Our Spelling & Grammar: possessive apostrophes with plural words

Possessive Apostrophes with plural words




Have a go




Have a go




Have a go




















































Practising with our Wish Fish for the whole school puppet show ! 8.3.18

Practising with our Wish Fish for the whole school puppet show !   8.3.18 1
Practising with our Wish Fish for the whole school puppet show !   8.3.18 2
Practising with our Wish Fish for the whole school puppet show !   8.3.18 3

Exploring poetry...

Year 4 are learning about different styles of poetry.  This morning in 4 Foxes we had fun counting and clapping syllables to make poems fit the 5,7,5 pattern of Japanese Haiku poems.  All the children were able to correct mistakes in some given 'near Haikus' and some others went on the write some of their own Snow Day inspired Haikus!  They want to share some of their favourites on our class pages so click on the document below to see them in print!

Investigating friction with jelly and oil ! 27.2.18

Investigating friction with jelly and oil !   27.2.18 1
Investigating friction with jelly and oil !   27.2.18 2
Investigating friction with jelly and oil !   27.2.18 3
Investigating friction with jelly and oil !   27.2.18 4

Reading our Northern Lights Poems ! 27.2.18

Reading our Northern Lights Poems !    27.2.18 1

Floating & Sinking

Floating & Sinking 1


Following on from our egg and satsuma investigation,  we used our understanding of relative density to predict what would happen when we poured water, oil and syrup into a container.  We then predicted what would happen when we dropped in a penny, a grape and a cork.  Ask your child what happened !   They could try out a similar investigation at home with different liquids and solids and make predictions about what they expect to happen.   Next week we will be looking at magnetism.


Manga High maths challenge


Manga High is an interactive maths website full of games to help children practice and consolidate their maths learning.  We have set some times tables games challenges as optional home learning for the half term holidays.  Children can earn virtual medals which can be converted to certificates and we can track their progress to provide targeted help after the holidays. Your child should be able to log in from home to access their account (they have been given their details) and the website can be accessed via the link at the top of this page.

Safer Internet Day


Children across the school have been learning and updating their skills for keeping themselves and others safe on the internet, on mobile phones, gaming and on social media. In year 4 we have read fact sheets and held a quiz, watched cartoon clips and discussed what we would do in tricky or upsetting situations, and explore the CEOP ThinkUKnow website (link at the top of this page), which is full of top tips and advice on all things in our digital age. We now know how to report online abuse or inappropriate content, and create a safe digital profile.  Have a look at our pictures below and ask us what we can remember about staying safe online.

The discussions we have held in our classrooms have raised some interesting points about the age-appropriateness of some of the games the children have played and some of the social media platforms which they have accessed.  Most social media platforms have 13+ restrictions and PEGI ratings are a useful system to assess the suitability of console and online games.  There is useful information and advice for discussing internet safety issues with your child available from (link will be pinned to the top of this page for future reference) and if you would like further information, please feel free to contact any of the year 4 team.

Funky Felt Flyers!


In our Natural Wonders topic, we have been learning about the nocturnal Kiwi birds, which are only found in New Zealand.  We have begun making our own 'funky felt' birds which will be 'flying' high in our classrooms (despite the actual Kiwi being a flightless creature!).

We are using our Growth Mindsets, as threading needles, sewing buttons and keeping small, neat stitches can be tricky!  We are also using our bee learning behaviours to help each other out!  Have a look at how they are coming along - and please pop in and see these amazing 'flying' wonders when they are finished!



Floating & Sinking !

Floating & Sinking ! 1
Floating & Sinking ! 2
We investigated whether an orange  floats with and without the peel,  and whether eggs float or sink in tap water and salty water.  This led to the question 'Why?'    We discussed lots of possible answers and finally tried to understand the concept of 'relative density'.    We will try to use our spider connections next week to predict what will float & sink when we mix  water, syrup, oil,  a grape, coin and a cork.  Watch this space to see our findings !

Virtually visiting the outback and outer space!

Year 4 have had an amazing day of virtual reality workshops.  We have danced with Aborigines, hunted for witchety grubs and mushrooms, flown with sky dragons and planet-hopped in 10 million pound space-suits!  It was incredible to see their enthusiasm and curiosity challenged through modern technology.  In their own words, the experience was

'wobbly...amazing...astonishing...surprising...squirmy...extraordinary' and made them feel 'freaked-out...shocked...stolen...anxious...brave...curious and excited'.  The children will be using the experience to inspire some poetry writing after half term but in the meantime, have a look at the photos and video below!

Virtual reality workshop

Year 4 enjoying an Aboriginal experience to support our Natural Wonders topic.

Balloon Blow up !

Can we use Bicarbonate of Soda and Citric Acid to inflate a balloon?

This was the question we investigated during Science this week.

We used our learning from making fizzy sherbet and fizzy orangeade to help us with our experimenting.

We found that the Carbon Dioxide which is made when Bicarbonate of Soda and Citric Acid have a chemical reaction, will inflate a balloon providing the quantities are large enough !

Exploring the wonderful world of non-fiction!

We are going to be writing our own non-chronological reports (that's non-fiction, information pages), over the next few weeks.  In order to see what makes a really engaging and informative non-fiction book, we explored the wide range in our own school library.  We discussed lots of features that we found - bullet points, text boxes, sizes, colour and font styles, pictures and captions, maps and quizzes...Phew!  We found more than 30 different things we can include in our own writing!

Picture 1

Exploring diversity and difference.

Year Four have had a very thought-provoking week, watching Rabbit Proof Fence and discussing discrimination and racism in society.  This afternoon in Four Foxes, we watched 'Show Racism the Red Card' and did a few activities about segregation and diversity.  The children were amazing - respectful, thoughtful, honest and considerate. They listened to each other and responded with curious and mature attitudes.  I am very proud of all of them.  The video we watched can be found by cutting and pasting the link below.  Have a lovely weekend!




Can we turn orange squash into orangeade using our learning form making sherbet?

Can we turn orange squash into orangeade using our learning form making sherbet? 1
Can we turn orange squash into orangeade using our learning form making sherbet? 2
Can we turn orange squash into orangeade using our learning form making sherbet? 3

Fizzy Science !

Inspired by Roald Dahl's love of sweets, Year 4 will have two science lessons devoted to fizz !   This week, we mixed 3 powders which created sherbet and asked what these powders could be and what made the sherbet taste sweet, tangy and fizzy?   Ask your child what they found out.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Ukulele lullaby

As part of our specialist topic rotation, the children in year 4 have all begun learning the ukulele.  They have been absolutely brilliant learning their musical manners, learning a little about the instrument and how to tune it, as well as beginning to learn a traditional aboriginal lullaby.  We have already learned 2 chords and will be building our repertoire over the next half term, as we travel around the world looking at music from other cultures.  We hope to put together a little concert near Easter but in the meantime, have a look at us in action below!

Picture 1

Natural Wonders and our Connected World

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a peaceful and very happy Christmas and New Year.


Today in year 4, we have started delving into our topic all about natural wonders.  Four Foxes had an interesting discussion about what classifies  somewhere as a 'natural wonder' and have begun to explore the question, 'What is the World's greatest natural wonder?'.  We expect lots of different  (but well-reasoned and justified!) answers by the end of the topic and the children will have the opportunity to research and explore wonders, cultures and arts from around the globe.


We also discovered that we have a lot of 'the World' in our own classrooms and have begun to connect ourselves with different locations across our world map.  We would welcome any information, stories, photographs or artefacts from relatives living in other countries if there is something they could share from home.  Have a look at how our spidery maps are developing below!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Christmas crafting and singing with year 1

This afternoon, 4 Foxes spent a lovely hour with year 1 helping to make their Christingles ready for our services on Wednesday.  They learnt about what each part of the Christingle represents and how to put them all together.  We also had time for a bit of enthusiastic carol and Christmas song singing!  It was lovely to see the older children helping the younger ones and setting such a good example.  Well done Foxes!

Folding and finding fractions!

In our maths, year 4 are beginning to work with fractions.  We have reminded ourselves what 'fraction' means, made fractions number lines, learned about numerators and denominators AND started to find equivalent fractions!  We have been looking at patterns between equivalent fractions and know that a fraction with an even denominator can be written as an equivalent to 1/2!  Once again, we are finding that our times tables are really helping us - so we encourage each other to practise our target times table every day.  Ask your child what their target times table is and challenge them to learn them in a random order!


Picture 1

Exploring emotions through art

Over the last few weeks, Year 4 have been learning about Edvard Münch and his work 'The Scream'.  We have discussed how expressions, colour and patterns can contribute to the effect of a painting and the affect it can have on an audience.  We have experimented with our own expressions and had a go at drawing them in an impressionistic way.  We then turned one of our favourite 'expressions' into a Münch inspired pastel piece.  There are some pictures below but they are all currently going up in our gallery - please do pop in and have a look at them at the end of a school day!

****Final St Luke's Sports Session - Tuesday morning****

Tuesday 28th is the last of our activity sessions with the staff at St Luke's.  Please remember swimming kit (children may come to school with them under their uniforms), or appropriate clothing for dance and gymnastics.  Thank you!


Singing, dancing and all things festive!

The children in year 4 have been working really hard to learn their songs, lines, actions and dances for our upcoming nativity extravaganza, 'Stable Manners'.  They should have come home today with a letter about their part and any costumes required.  Please do not feel obliged to buy costumes - there will be lots of spare bits and bobs if anyone is missing something.  Please just ask!

Making switches for a circuit: we love Science !

Making switches for a circuit:  we love Science ! 1
Making switches for a circuit:  we love Science ! 2
Making switches for a circuit:  we love Science ! 3
Making switches for a circuit:  we love Science ! 4
Making switches for a circuit:  we love Science ! 5
Making switches for a circuit:  we love Science ! 6
Making switches for a circuit:  we love Science ! 7
Making switches for a circuit:  we love Science ! 8
Making switches for a circuit:  we love Science ! 9

Suggested reading titles

Many parents have asked for a suggested reading list, so we have compiled a list of classics, new 'hot reads' and our own personal favourites.  This is alongside our regular favourite authors such as Roald Dahl, JK Rowling and Michael Morpurgo.  All of these titles should be available to borrow from your local library and many will be in our school library too.  Perhaps share your own favourite childhood books with your children? And if you have any suggestions to add to our list, please let us know!


Suggested Reading Books

4 Rabbits Spelling  23.11.17

The Rabbits are continuing to learn these homophones / near homophones, and to spell them correctly in their writing.  Any help you can give your child at home to help them remember is much appreciated !

  • which and witch
  • there, their and they're
  • your and you're
  • our and are
  • to, too and two
  • were, where, wear, we're 


Electricity !

We have had fun connecting circuits to light bulbs, run motors and sound buzzzers.  We've investigated whether things are insulators or conductors and will soon be making our own switches.

Edward teaching column subtraction

Still image for this video

Up close with history.

This week, Foxes and Rabbits have had lots of hands-on fun following a challenge trail around some of the exhibit halls at the RAMM.  Badgers will be visiting this Friday! The children have been great ambassadors for the school, showing respect, curiosity and imagination, not just at the museum, but on the walk there and back too (with some very tired, but resilient legs!) .  While at the museum, the children followed a trail and used their literacy learning to describe their favourite butterflies, their maths learning to estimate the size of some truly terrifying bugs, and their topic learning to ask and answer questions about fossils and dinosaurs.  We are really proud of them all, and thank you to the parent volunteers that were able to come and join us.  We have put some of our favourite photographs below.

Starting the term with a splash (and a twirl, leap and slide!)

It has been a very busy start to the half term in year 4.  Children in Foxes and Badgers have had their first swimming, gymnastic and dance taster sessions with the students and staff at St Luke's.  They really enjoyed the activities provided  - there was certainly a lot of splashing and smiling faces in the swimming pool!  We are really looking forward to 2 more of these sessions, scheduled for the end of November - reminders will be sent nearer the time.  Have a look at some of the children working with their groups!


How to do Column Addition by Edward

Still image for this video


The children return to school on Tue 31st October.

On Tuesday morning:

Rabbits are going to the museum (normal uniform and lunch arrangements), please ensure they have a water bottle and snack and a small rucksack / bag to carry it in.

Badgers and Foxes are going to St Luke’s for gymnastics / dance / swimming. We have sent a letter home about this and your child knows which activity they are doing. Please ensure they have PE kit in school, and swimming kit if they are in the swimming group. Also, please make sure your child comes to school with a water bottle and snack.

Wanted urgently!   Parents to help with our trip to the Museum please.

4 Rabbits  Tuesday morning 31st October 

4 Foxes   Wednesday morning 1st November

4 Badgers  Friday morning 3rd November

(We will be leaving school at 9.30am and returning for 12.15pm.  You are welcome to stay for a coffee between drop off and leaving to walk to the museum.)



Hands-on harvest activities!

We have had a fantastic creative day today in year 4 and there has been lots going on.  The children have created some beautiful art, some delicious bread and are writing some fantastic autumn inspired poetry.  They have worked well in partners, made sensible choices about behaviour and had some very imaginative ideas.  Their growth mindsets have been well tested as things haven't always turned out as they'd hoped first time! Hopefully it will all be ready in time for our Harvest Festival service in church on Wednesday morning at 10:30am.  If any parents are available to help walk the children across the road (we are no longer able to use the footbridge) - it would be much appreciated.


Spelling Rules!

This week we are looking at spelling the 'augh' and 'au' sound in a word.  We are investigating which one is the most common and if there is a rule for when to use each one.  Words to practise include...











Can you use these in  silly sentences?  Try practising them in different colours and shapes.  Or how about making them into a tricky wordsearch that might challenge your friends in morning task time?  We will be using some of them in our dictation next week.



Thank you!

A very big THANK YOU to all who made, bought and ate cakes for our Macmillan coffee afternoon.  It was lovely to see so many of you were able to come and join us and support this brilliant cause.  There are still a few donations left to come in, but on the day you raised an incredible £220, so thank you once again.

Sizzling spellers!


This week we are learning to sort words that end in -ture and -sure.  We have been listening really carefully and can hear a slight difference in the sounds.  A -ture ending has almost a 'tch' sound, and a -sure ending sounds like a buzzing bee!  We have sorted the words...









The children were able to add lots more too, using a dictionary to check them.


We will be using some of these in our dictated sentences next week.  How many different ways can you practise them?  Maybe write them in pyramids adding a letter each time.  Write them in different colours? Or how about making them into a wordsearch for your friends to complete as a morning task?

A warm welcome to year 4!

What a busy first few weeks the children in year 4 have had!  We have been very impressed by how well they have settled in to their new classrooms, new routines and new learning expectations!  We hope they have been telling you all about the fantastic learning they have been doing, but just in case, here is a quick summary (and check out the photographs below to see them in action!)


In maths, we have been really embedding our understanding of place value and are getting to grips with multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.  We are practising our times tables, rounding numbers and will be looking at roman numerals this week.


In literacy, the children have been using adjectives and adverbs to produce some wonderful descriptions of the Dragons of the British Isles, and learning how to paragraph their work to keep it organised and easy to read.  We have already given out some 'pen licences' and are working hard on making our handwriting the best it can be.


Our topic this term is 'Fearsome Beasts' and we have shared what we already know about dragons, dinosaurs, volcanoes and fossils, thought hard about curious questions we would like to answer, built dragon nests, painted dragon eggs and drawn charcoal dragons!


All of this alongside French, ICT (on our shiny new laptops!) PE, mindfulness and meditation!  PHEW!!


We are looking forward to meeting you on Monday 25th at 5pm for an informal welcome and 'meet the team'.

Spelling and Times Table Workshop


We  will be running a parent workshop to provide some ideas for how to support your child with learning their spellings and times tables and an opportunity to ask questions.
Tuesday 10th October 2.30pm to 3.00pm
If you are unable to attend, your child will come home with a pack of games and activities which you can help them with.

Year 4 Parent Briefing Power-Point. Please come and ask us if you have any questions.

Rock Detectives !

We have been looking at different types of rock: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.  We've been using the magnifying glasses to observe like scientists and we will be using paperclips to scratch the rocks to see how hard / soft they are.  We have used some super, adventurous adjectives to try and describe the different rocks and had a go at drawing them, and drawing with them!  Some of our super-scientists had a go at sorting the rocks by different characteristics - brilliant independent learning skills! Have a look at us in action!

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

We would like to invite our parents and friends to a Macmillan coffee afternoon (tea will also be available!) in the year 4 block on Friday 29th September at 2:30pm.  Cake donations would be very gratefully received and if you are able, please send these in to school with your child on the Friday morning.  We will have several collection boxes around the year 4 block and we hope you will be able to help us support this valuable and worthwhile charity.  See you there!

Class Dojo

4 Foxes are trying out the Class Dojo as a method of rewarding the children for super behaviour, making good choices, displaying excellent attitudes to learning and much more.  The Class Dojo App allows us to communicate this with parents and keep you informed about activities we are doing, as well as providing a messaging service.  If you have not received a log in code and would like to get involved, please see Mrs Taylor.  The children are enjoying it so far and if it continues to prove successful, we will roll the Dojo out across the year group.  The Class Dojo will not replace any of the other routes of communication and text messaging, email and newsletters will continue to be used as well.

Dragon Art, Rock Detectives and Maths fun !

Dragon Art, Rock Detectives and Maths fun ! 1
Dragon Art, Rock Detectives and Maths fun ! 2
Dragon Art, Rock Detectives and Maths fun ! 3