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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Welcome to our  year group page.  This is where we share the children's fantastic learning and achievements, as well as class information, trip details and other reminders.  We hope you visit regularly as the children love to show off what they can do!

How to do Column Addition by Edward

Still image for this video


The children return to school on Tue 31st October.

On Tuesday morning:

Rabbits are going to the museum (normal uniform and lunch arrangements), please ensure they have a water bottle and snack and a small rucksack / bag to carry it in.

Badgers and Foxes are going to St Luke’s for gymnastics / dance / swimming. We have sent a letter home about this and your child knows which activity they are doing. Please ensure they have PE kit in school, and swimming kit if they are in the swimming group. Also, please make sure your child comes to school with a water bottle and snack.

Wanted urgently!   Parents to help with our trip to the Museum please.

4 Rabbits  Tuesday morning 31st October 

4 Foxes   Wednesday morning 1st November

4 Badgers  Friday morning 3rd November

(We will be leaving school at 9.30am and returning for 12.15pm.  You are welcome to stay for a coffee between drop off and leaving to walk to the museum.)



Hands-on harvest activities!

We have had a fantastic creative day today in year 4 and there has been lots going on.  The children have created some beautiful art, some delicious bread and are writing some fantastic autumn inspired poetry.  They have worked well in partners, made sensible choices about behaviour and had some very imaginative ideas.  Their growth mindsets have been well tested as things haven't always turned out as they'd hoped first time! Hopefully it will all be ready in time for our Harvest Festival service in church on Wednesday morning at 10:30am.  If any parents are available to help walk the children across the road (we are no longer able to use the footbridge) - it would be much appreciated.


Spelling Rules!

This week we are looking at spelling the 'augh' and 'au' sound in a word.  We are investigating which one is the most common and if there is a rule for when to use each one.  Words to practise include...











Can you use these in  silly sentences?  Try practising them in different colours and shapes.  Or how about making them into a tricky wordsearch that might challenge your friends in morning task time?  We will be using some of them in our dictation next week.



Thank you!

A very big THANK YOU to all who made, bought and ate cakes for our Macmillan coffee afternoon.  It was lovely to see so many of you were able to come and join us and support this brilliant cause.  There are still a few donations left to come in, but on the day you raised an incredible £220, so thank you once again.

Sizzling spellers!


This week we are learning to sort words that end in -ture and -sure.  We have been listening really carefully and can hear a slight difference in the sounds.  A -ture ending has almost a 'tch' sound, and a -sure ending sounds like a buzzing bee!  We have sorted the words...









The children were able to add lots more too, using a dictionary to check them.


We will be using some of these in our dictated sentences next week.  How many different ways can you practise them?  Maybe write them in pyramids adding a letter each time.  Write them in different colours? Or how about making them into a wordsearch for your friends to complete as a morning task?

A warm welcome to year 4!

What a busy first few weeks the children in year 4 have had!  We have been very impressed by how well they have settled in to their new classrooms, new routines and new learning expectations!  We hope they have been telling you all about the fantastic learning they have been doing, but just in case, here is a quick summary (and check out the photographs below to see them in action!)


In maths, we have been really embedding our understanding of place value and are getting to grips with multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.  We are practising our times tables, rounding numbers and will be looking at roman numerals this week.


In literacy, the children have been using adjectives and adverbs to produce some wonderful descriptions of the Dragons of the British Isles, and learning how to paragraph their work to keep it organised and easy to read.  We have already given out some 'pen licences' and are working hard on making our handwriting the best it can be.


Our topic this term is 'Fearsome Beasts' and we have shared what we already know about dragons, dinosaurs, volcanoes and fossils, thought hard about curious questions we would like to answer, built dragon nests, painted dragon eggs and drawn charcoal dragons!


All of this alongside French, ICT (on our shiny new laptops!) PE, mindfulness and meditation!  PHEW!!


We are looking forward to meeting you on Monday 25th at 5pm for an informal welcome and 'meet the team'.

Spelling and Times Table Workshop


We  will be running a parent workshop to provide some ideas for how to support your child with learning their spellings and times tables and an opportunity to ask questions.
Tuesday 10th October 2.30pm to 3.00pm
If you are unable to attend, your child will come home with a pack of games and activities which you can help them with.

Year 4 Parent Briefing Power-Point. Please come and ask us if you have any questions.

Rock Detectives !

We have been looking at different types of rock: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.  We've been using the magnifying glasses to observe like scientists and we will be using paperclips to scratch the rocks to see how hard / soft they are.  We have used some super, adventurous adjectives to try and describe the different rocks and had a go at drawing them, and drawing with them!  Some of our super-scientists had a go at sorting the rocks by different characteristics - brilliant independent learning skills! Have a look at us in action!

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

We would like to invite our parents and friends to a Macmillan coffee afternoon (tea will also be available!) in the year 4 block on Friday 29th September at 2:30pm.  Cake donations would be very gratefully received and if you are able, please send these in to school with your child on the Friday morning.  We will have several collection boxes around the year 4 block and we hope you will be able to help us support this valuable and worthwhile charity.  See you there!

Class Dojo

4 Foxes are trying out the Class Dojo as a method of rewarding the children for super behaviour, making good choices, displaying excellent attitudes to learning and much more.  The Class Dojo App allows us to communicate this with parents and keep you informed about activities we are doing, as well as providing a messaging service.  If you have not received a log in code and would like to get involved, please see Mrs Taylor.  The children are enjoying it so far and if it continues to prove successful, we will roll the Dojo out across the year group.  The Class Dojo will not replace any of the other routes of communication and text messaging, email and newsletters will continue to be used as well.

Dragon Art, Rock Detectives and Maths fun !

Dragon Art, Rock Detectives and Maths fun ! 1
Dragon Art, Rock Detectives and Maths fun ! 2
Dragon Art, Rock Detectives and Maths fun ! 3

Cathedral, Mosque and a bonus surprise (or two!)

This morning Year 4 walked to the Cathedral to look at some of the architecture, carvings and artefacts.  The children followed a quiz trail around the cathedral and learned all about what makes this place 'special'.  Ask your child about the catflap!  The children were all brilliantly behaved and learned a lot from the helpful volunteers - thank you very much!

4T were then extremely fortunate to bump into Aron, from the Exeter Chiefs who taught us tag rugby earlier in the year.  Check out our pictures with the Aviva Premiership Trophy below!

After that, we walked to Exeter Mosque where we sat outside in the sunshine and drew sketches of the architecture and made comparisons between the Mosque and the Cathedral.  One of the Imams from the Mosque came outside while 4T were sketching, and very kindly invited us in to have a quick look around and some juice and biscuits.  We are very grateful for his time and thoughtfulness.   

Spaghetti bridge building - a real test of our Growth Mindsets!

Linking with our topic, year 4 have reflected on the designs of the different bridges we have seen on the River Exe, as well as some well-known bridges in this country and abroad.  We talked about the different shapes we could see in the structures of bridges and found that triangles were a common feature.  With this in mind, we set the children a challenge...In groups of between 3 and 5, could they build a steady and weight-bearing bridge, using only spaghetti and marshmallows?  The activity turned out to be a real test of their Growth Mindsets, there were many rebuilds, redesigns and mysteriously disappearing marshmallows?!  We will be trying out different bridge-making materials later in the week, but for now, have a look at some of our successful (and not so successful!) spaghetti versions!

Symmetrical stadiums and perfect patterns...

In year 4, we have been looking at shape and symmetry, finding mirror lines and reflecting shapes across different lines of symmetry.  We have looked at symmetry in architecture (stadiums, monuments and towers), nature (butterflies, leaves) and religion (Rangoli patterns, stained glass windows).  The children have applied their understanding to design Rangoli patterns and stadiums with up to 6 lines of symmetry.  It was tricky remembering to colour them symmetrically too!  Have a look at some of their work below, and click the link in the list at the top of this page to practice reflecting shapes!

Exe Estuary Trip - Crawlers, burrowers, scuttlers and splashers! (and that's just the children!)

On Thursday and Friday this week, 4M and 4T visited the Exe Estuary for an exciting, wet, exploring session with Rangers from the East Devon Countryside Team.   Travelling by train, the children were impeccably behaved and we soon arrived at our destination.  After changing into our 'wet water shoes', the Rangers explained that the Exe Estuary is a unique ecosystem, which as well as being home to a diverse range of wildlife, is also a 'holiday destination' for migrating birds from all over the world.  Penny and Laura explained how creatures on the Exe Estuary have developed strategies to survive the different threats to their existence; predators, heat, tidal changes, humans. But in order to discover how marine and seashore creatures adapt for survival, the children had to find some!  They had a fantastic time digging up lugworms (being careful to avoid the nipping ragworms!), collecting shells, and catching shrimp, plaice and crab.  The children had lots of fun and were very good at identifying the creatures they scooped out of the river!  Have a look at our pictures - see if you can spot and name the creatures they caught!

Election Fever Hits Year 4!

Election fever has swept through year 4 this week!  We have looked at the manifestos of the major political parties and debated the key issues.  The children have created their own parties, designed their own sets of policies for the country (and for St Leonard's School), invented slogans and eye-catching logos and hit the campaign trail!  They have some really fantastic ideas, and it has been wonderful to see them so engaged in the world of politics (with only one or two suspect promises!).  Today the party leaders read their prepared final speeches and answered some tricky questions posed by the electorate!  Then, after a final round of canvassing, the children cast their vote for a class president, in a secret ballot - under the watchful eye of our two Returning Officers! Although the vote was close in 4T, congratulations go to the  'Liberal Demo-Karaties' and our newly elected president...Matilda!

We have also taken part in a school-wide vote about where PTA raised funds are spent, and held our own ballot for the General Election to see how our class results compare with the rest of the country.  We will announce the results tomorrow! Phew!

Riverside sketching...

Our new topic for this half term is 'Tales by the Riverbank', so Year 4 made the most of the nice weather yesterday and carried our sketch books and pencils (no rubbers allowed!) down to the river. We looked very carefully at the construction of the different bridges over the river and sketched them in as much detail as we could.  We included some of the landscape, buildings and even ducks!  Once back in the classroom, we began turning our sketches into water colour paintings, thinking very carefully about the different shades of colour we had seen.  These will be finished and on display in the classrooms soon, but have a look below to see how they took shape!


Making our 'Groovy Greek' Salads!

We had a fun (and tasty!) time in the year 4 block this morning!  Following on from our research, discussions and shopping trips, we made some delicious Greek salads to share with you at home.  We decorated the lids of our containers using Greek patterns, and even wrote our names on them using the Greek alphabet!  We had to be very careful with the knives and only cut using the chopping boards. Some of us were very brave and have tried some foods for the first time; opinions on the olives and feta cheese were varied!   We have also compared the prices of each ingredient in various supermarkets, estimated the cost of the salad, calculated the actual costs, and answered lots of tricky questions about price differences and change!  Phew!

Have a look at some of our photographs below...

Home Learning Exhibition - Groovy Greeks!

Thank you to everyone who encouraged, helped and supported the children in year 4 with their home learning exhibition this term.  It was lovely to see so many people yesterday come to see what they have written, drawn, modelled and baked.  As with previous exhibitions, we have been very impressed by the children's creativity!  If you were unable to make it, have a look through our photos below to see what they've been up to!


Year 4 have swimming lessons EVERY Monday morning.  Please remember to bring your swimming costume, a towel and goggles if required (unfortunately we are unable to provide spares).   The children are usually hungry afterwards so a healthy snack for the walk back would be a good idea too! 


Waitrose Visit

4T Thursday morning 18th May

4M Thursday morning 25th May

We will be visiting Waitrose to sample some Greek food and to find out more about what food products are imported from Greece. There is no cost for this trip and we have the information you have already provided the school about children's food allergies. Normal school uniform and lunchtime arrangements.

Picture 1
Year 4 Home Learning Exhibition
Thursday 18th May 2.30pm
in the Year 4 block
We look forward to seeing your child's Ancient Greek Home Learning.
Year 4 Home Learning Exhibition
Thursday 18th May 2.30pm in the Year 4 block

For this exhibition, we are going to have a focus on the Ancient Greeks which is our topic for this half term.

Please Support your child in completing a piece of work with an Ancient Greek theme to be shown at our ‘Home Learning Exhibition’.

Suggestions include art work, modelling, power-points, stories, posters, booklets, fact files……
Possible themes include Greek Gods and Goddesses, Greek Myths, Olympics, Greek food, the Geography of Greece, Alexander the Great, Battle of Marathon, Athenians & Spartans.


4M's Super Spellers !

Congratulations to this week's Super Spellers:

Toby, Ben, Tobias, Bethany, Eva, Nova, Olivia, Caitlin, Connor, Dalia, Mahdeen, Hettie, Benjamin, Scarlett, Isabella, Hannah, Harry Lawson, Poppy, Henry, Karthik, Keira, Annie, Lydia.


Now that 4M have focused on learning all of the spellings from our Year3&4 word list, from next week, we will be using these words in dictations so that we can also check how we are doing with learning our grammar and punctuation.   Mrs McDaid will make up some silly sentences including some of the words below:


accident                           particular

centre                              remember

experience                      actual

important                       certain

ordinary                          extreme

reign                                island

century                            peculiar

experiment                    sentence

accidentally                   actually

interest                           circle

Safe browsing and safe communicating.

Today in 4T we have been talking about keeping ourselves and our personal details safe, online and in text messages.  We discovered that more than half of our class either have their own mobile phones, or access to messaging services (through ipods, ipads, laptops etc).  We have been using the Think U Know website to learn about the choices we make when online and what we can do if we are worried about something we have seen or messages we receive.  The Think U Know website is a fun and friendly way of starting conversations about internet safety and can be accessed by clicking the link below.


Dem bones!

In our science this term, we are learning about the human skeleton.  We are very lucky to have been loaned 'Oscar' who is helping us see which bones are connected to which, and how our amazing bodies move in a variety of different ways.  We have also looked at X-rays, which have helped us draw our own life-sized skeletons using black paper, chalk and pastels.  The children had to look very carefully at the shape and size of each bone in order to get all 206 bones to fit!  They were engaged in some interesting and thoughtful scientific conversations during the activity - Do you know where to find the smallest bone in the human body?  Do we really need big toes? Have a look at how are skeletons are taking shape!


4M Super Spellers !

Congratulations this week to :

Ben, Dalia, Keira, Annie, Toby, Mahdeen, Caitlin, Isabella, Lydia, Poppy, Hettie, Scarlett, Eva, Benjamin and Tobias !


Our new spellings (to be tested on Monday 8th May) are:











Exe Valley Challenge practice walk - Thursday 27th April

Tomorrow, years 4 and 5 will be taking part in a practice walk around part of the route for the Exe Valley Challenge.  Your child has been given a letter with more details.

Please remember to bring...

  • suitable walking clothes to get changed into at school - no jeans
  • socks - not ankle/sports socks
  • shoes/trainers - not wellies
  • waterproof coat
  • warm layer
  • sun cream/sun hat
  • refillable waterbottle
  • small snacks

Snacks and waterbottles must be in a bag suitable for children to carry.  We will be back at school for normal lunchtime arrangements.


Keep your fingers crossed for good walking weather!

Designing and making Greek clay pots !

4M Super Spellers!

Congratulations to:

Mahdeen, Nova, Ben H, Connor, Hannah, Poppy, Hettie, Olivia, Toby, Bethany, both Harrys, Isabella, Karthik, Dalia, Keira, Henry, Annie and Lydia for getting 90% or more of their spellings correct this week!


Our new spellings which will be tested on Tuesday 2nd May are:












Also, please remember to practise your current target x table - add your name to the white board in school when you are ready for Mrs Mc Daid to test you!

4T times tables focus for next week - 3 X table

Next week, 4T will be concentrating on the 3 times tables.  We will be making sure we can recite them in order, say them in a random order and remember the associated division facts!

eg.       3 X 9 = 27,

so        27 ÷ 3 = 9

We will be playing lots of games to practice throughout the week and will test our understanding on Friday.

Circus science day!

The children in year 4 had a brilliant day on Friday, learning all about the science of the circus.  Reinforcing our learning about forces, they were able to see friction, pushes, pulls, twists, gravity and air resistance in action.  We were all treated to a fabulous show in the morning where we were both amazed and entertained by some juggling  and unicycle riding by performer Nick, learned about Galileo Galilei and Sir Isaac Newton, and watched Mr Gilborson nearly crash a very small bicycle!  In the afternoon, the children had an opportunity to learn some juggling and plate spinning tricks themselves.  They showed great resilience and determination, never giving up and encouraging each other. Well done year four, and thank you Nick for an awesome day!

Welcome back!

Welcome back, we hope you all enjoyed a fantastic, peaceful and sunny Easter break.  The children have begun exploring our new topic - the Groovy Greeks - and have shared things they already know, and thought of some interesting questions they would like to answer!  Over the next 6 weeks we will be looking at Greek myths, art and architecture, language and lifestyles.  See the photographs of our first project in the making!

What's a Grecian Urn?


Across the year group on Tuesday, the children had the opportunity to examine some Greek artefacts and look at the patterns and pictures in close detail. We also watched a clip from the Disney animation 'Hercules' for inspiration. They then started to design their own pots; first drawn on paper, then made with coloured paper and card, and finally with clay.  We were very impressed with their attention to detail and their willingness to have a go, make mistakes and have another try - They are developing terrific Growth Mindset attitudes! 


Have a look at how they are getting on...

Times tables and other maths!

We are having a push on our times tables this term.  We have started playing times tables games in the mornings to really wake up our maths brains!  4T will be testing themselves on their 2, 5 and 10 times tables this Friday and will have a different focus times table every week!

We are also looking at telling the time, converting between the 12 and 24 hour clocks and working out dates on the calendar.  Any day-to-day practice at home, in the car, out and about, would be very valuable and help the children to understand the concept of time in real-life situations. There are 3 new set challenges based on time on the Manga High website too!


See below for some useful websites to practice times tables and telling the time.

4T spellings for the holidays!














We will also be having a quiz on a mixture of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables to check that we all still remember them!  This will be towards the end of the first week back so we will have lots of opportunities to practice them through games and songs!

4M's Spellings

The spellings for children to learn ready for the first week back after Easter are:

  • opposite
  • ordinary
  • particular
  • peculiar
  • perhaps
  • popular
  • position
  • possess
  • possession
  • possible

Happy Mother's Day !

Happy Mother's Day ! 1

Super science home learning exhibition !


We were stunned by the  quality of the science home learning which children brought to our exhibition on Thursday afternoon.  The range of ideas was incredible and the creativity in how to show off the science and the learning behind it was fantastic.  Thank you for supporting the children with this at home and we hope you enjoyed the exhibition.  If you weren't able to be there, please have a look at our slide show below to see what went on !

Conrgatulations to this week's 4M role model learners!

Conrgatulations to this week's 4M role model learners! 1

and 4T's brilliant role models too!

4T's stellar spellers!

Super spellers!

Well done to all our fantastic spellers - they have worked incredibly hard to learn some challenging words this week.  Our words for next week are:












4M's Super Spellers !

Congratulations to this week's super spellers.  Our spellings to be tested on Monday 27th are:












Picture 1


Last week we reached the end of our 'Forces' science topic. We have been looking at water resistance, friction, air resistance and density. We have also been learning how to make predictions, design experiments, make detailed observations and try to explain what we have seen - generally speaking, to think more scientifically!

Spelling wizards!

Another brilliant effort by all the children in 4T this week, with lots more children receiving their 5th certificate!  Photos to follow shortly, but list for next week...












Calligrams (shape poems)

We have been working really hard on our shape poems in 4T this week.  It is quite tricky to remember all our fantastic descriptions, alliteration and repetition, while making the words look like the picture!  They are coming along brilliantly though and will be added to our class book of poems very soon.  In the meantime, here are some that are already finished!

Parents' evening reminder...

This term's parents' evenings will be held on the 20th, 22nd and 23rd of March.  Please use the online booking system by following the link:


Please speak to the office if you are having difficulties using the system.

Home Learning Exhibition


A reminder of the details of this half term's Home Learning Exhibition!  The children can be as creative as they like - we are looking forward to seeing what interests them, and for them to show how their scientific minds are developing!


The Exhibition Project

Thursday 23rd March 2.30pm

This exhibition, we are going to have a Science focus.

Please support your child in completing a piece of work with a Science theme to be shown at our ‘Home Learning Exhibition’. Suggestions include:

- photographs and an explanation of a science experiment you have done at home.

- a labelled model

- a poster / booklet based on some research you have done.

- a poem or story with a science theme

Suggestions for science themes include: rocks , electricity, forces, solids, liquids & gasses, acids/alkalis, my body, animals, plants, endangered species, famous scientists …




4M Spellings to be tested on Monday 20st March !

Today (13th March) we had 15 Super Spellers achieving full marks for their spelling test - watch out for their photos appearing after our Year Group assembly on Wednesday.

The next spellings to learn are:











4T spellings for next week (15.3.17)

We are nearly at the end of the year 3/4 list!













Celebrating our achievements!


We have had a fantastic time this afternoon, celebrating some of the brilliant achievements made by the children in year 4 over the past few weeks.  As well as spelling certificates and Manga High maths awards, we have awarded certificates ranging from 'Sporting enthusiasm' and 'Outstanding effort in home learning' to 'Friend of the week' and more! We are very proud of them all. 

4M Spellings !

This week's spellings are:











Congratulations to those who scored full marks with their spellings today - watch this space for photos after our celebration Year group assembly  on Wednesday afternoon.  Our next spelling test will be on Monday morning ! 

We had a Dragon's Den theme to our World Book Day celebrations today in 4M.  The children chose their favourite book and then worked individually or in groups to make something of their own choice which would persuade others that theirs was the best book.   Everyone voted with counters for their 3rd, 2nd and 1st choices. 

Jelly Challenge !

Jelly Challenge ! 1

To investigate friction, we set up a jelly challenge!  The children had to move a cube of jelly from one end of the table to the other using pencils.  They used a stopwatch to time how long it took and  we talked about why we need to repeat measurements and then calculated the average time that it took to move the jelly.  Next, we coated the jelly and pencils with sunflower oil which reduced the friction between the jelly and pencils and made it pretty tricky to keep hold of the jelly!  Again, we timed ourselves and worked out the average time.


Ask your child what they found out !

Polishing our perfect poetry!

Year 4 are currently reading, learning and creating all sorts of different poetry.  We have been writing our own Northern Lights inspired poems, looking at Haikus, and will be exploring shape poems too.  We have learned about poetic devices - alliteration, personification, rhyme, rhythm, and repetition, and included some fantastic imagery using our best vocabulary.  We are really impressed and proud of the work they have produced.  Have a look at a few examples...


Silent, cold-blooded

Slithering, snarling, biting,

Fearless, hissing.                            by Joe (4T)


Hairy and scary,

It makes you shiver like mad,

Poisonous black fangs.                  by William (4T)


Likes to be inside,

Normally hungry and fun,

Sneaks out at nightfall.                   by Jayden (4T)


Sniffing, snuffling, small,

Always in a prickly ball,

It's adorable.                                   by May (4T)



Slithering, waving, jumping, flickering,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights,

Green, red, pink and purple,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights,

Spreading all over, like butter on bread,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights,

Look around, they're outstanding,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights.              by Felix (4T)



Northern Lights, Northern Lights,

Green and red,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights,

glowing and sparkling,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights,

Fierce and magic,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights,

Blinding and floating,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights.                by Stan (4T)


Twirling, dancing, jumping, shining,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights,

Purple, pink, green and blue,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights,

Look around you, they're amazing,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights,

Beautiful, clam, multi-coloured,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights,

Shattered, sparkly, soulful,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights.                 by Ruby (4T)


Prancing, dancing, towering, gliding,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights,

Violet, silver, gold and white,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights,

Like a haunting ghost tonight,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights,

Around me, illuminating the dark night,

Northern Lights, Northern Lights.               by Matilda (4T)



4M Spellings

Each Monday morning, I will give the children a list of 10 spellings from the Year 3 and 4 spelling list for them to practise and learn during the week.  As we are over half way through year 4, it would be great for the children to feel that they have really got to grips with these words which they have been learning since the beginning of Year 3!    We'll have a test on the following Monday morning and celebrate our super spellers.  Our spellings for next Monday are:












If you are up for a challenge, try to write a silly short story which uses all of these words!   

Supersonic spellers!

Wow!  What a lot of brilliant spellers we have in 4T.  A whopping 23 children knew all 10 spellings this week, with some children receiving certificates for the first time.   Well done to all the children - the effort they are putting in is amazing and it is showing in their independent writing too!


4T's spelling for next week...













Can you make a silly sentence (or two) that uses them all?

Manga High Challenges!

Next week we are planning to refresh our passion for Manga High.  We have already set up some fraction challenges on the Manga High site which link with our classroom learning.  In class we will be making sure everyone is able to access their Manga High account and encourage them to have a go at the challenges.  Using our Teacher accounts, we can see how the children are getting on and celebrate their achievements.    Manga High is a fun way for your child to regularly keep up with their home learning in Maths - good luck and we look forward to sharing their success !



Performing poetry!

Performing poetry! 1
Performing poetry! 2
Performing poetry! 3
In our literacy this half term, we are delving into the fantastic and diverse world of poetry. We have visited the school library to look at the selection of poetry books we have, we have read lots of different poems as a class, and brainstormed ideas about what poetry is.  On Friday, 4T held a mini 'open mic' poetry session where all the children had a go at memorising and presenting a poem of their choice.  It was brilliant to hear them adding expression and actions to help them remember such a wide variety of poems.  We will be looking at Haikus, shape poems and more over the coming weeks and will be sharing some of our proudest work on this page - so keep an eye out! 

Our Year 4 Fraction Museum !

In maths this half term, we are continuing to extend our understanding of fractions.  We have been looking at proper fractions, improper fractions, mixed numbers and equivalent fractions.  On Friday we made a 'fraction museum' to demonstrate what fractions look like.  We each made several exhibits and labelled them all - except for a mystery fraction!  Then we visited each others' displays and had to use our mathematical language to discover and explain what they meant.  Can you work out what the mystery artefacts show?