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School Clubs

Autumn Term 2018


  • Please see below a timetable of extra-curricular clubs available for your child to sign up to in the Autumn term.


  • Forms must be completed and handed in to the office by Friday 20th July. Applications will be closed after this date.


  • Don’t forget you can drop these forms into the office mail box on the wall, to save the queues in the morning!


  • Registers will be created and all parents informed via email of their child’s space before 24th July via email.


  • If a club is oversubscribed, places will be allocated randomly and you will be informed if your child has not been allocated a place. If spaces become available, these will be randomly allocated from the waiting list.


  • Please inform the office, with plenty of notice, if your child in unable to attend a club so we can inform club leaders of their absence. You can contact the school on 01392 666570 or email





From September we will be using our School App to communicate with parents. It is essential that you sign up to the group for the clubs your child is attending. We will send notification of any changes/cancellations. You will only receive these if you have selected the relevant groups! More information regarding the app, and how to sign up, will be released shorty! If you have any questions or need any assistance, please speak to the office.



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Summer Term 2018
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