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Keeping your child safe online

On Safer Internet Day 2017 (7th February) we held a Parent Event to discuss use of technology, teaching our children safe online behaviours, where to go for assistance and common concerns parents have regarding online use.


We had a brilliant discussion and shared the following resources and websites:


Adblockplus is an add-on for any browser. This can help prevent inappropriate adverts popping up whilst your child's uses a device. You can download online


It was discussed how to regularly audit settings and ensure they are still sufficient, the Safer Internet Centre has a good page for parents where you can find the Parent's Guide to Technology

That site also has helpful guides to controlling privacy settings in different social media - WhatsApp was mentioned for example


In addition, some parents asked about how to put safety mode on YouTube


We aim to regularly host these forums to continually share information, watch this space for more details.



The following websites are also full of useful information, from monitoring your child's online activity, security and privacy settings, educational websites and more. 

Talk to your child often about their digital footprint and their screen usage and how they keep themselves safe. The conversation should be ongoing and as their digital usage evolves, the messages will stay with them.


The following websites are useful tools regarding children, their education and keeping them safe