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Year 5

End of this year's learning

To all families of Year 5,


Thank you SO much for your support and encouragement over the last few months. We are all very proud of the children whether they have been learning in school or at home. They have shown such resilience and courage. 


Teams will be closing this Friday (24th July) and the children will no longer have access. If you wish to save/print anything from Teams it will need to be done before the closure date.


Have a lovely summer break and we look forward to welcoming everyone back for a new start in September.


With Best Wishes from,


The Year 5 Team.



Last week the children were asked to create a magical short story where the contents of a book come to life...

Here are the Home Learning Ideas for the week beginning 13.7.20. This week the theme is 'Rodents!'

We hope you enjoy the tasks.


The Year 5 Team

Jack R used the animation EmBARKed as the basis for his letter...
Here are some examples of the 'word  clouds' about weather created by Year 5 children learning at home...
Here are the Learning Ideas for this week. 6.7.20
Last week the children watched an animated film called 'EmBARKed' about a boy who moves to the city and has to leave his beloved tree-house behind. Unbelievably, the tree-house up-roots itself and follows... The children were asked to compose a letter between any two of the characters in the film. Here is an example by Dora in 5 Otters.
Home Learning Ideas for Week 12

Welcome to another week of exciting Home Learning Ideas.This week the children will be learning about cubed numbers and volume in Maths and have a choice of writing activities linked to the Topic theme of 'Weather.' Drop into Teams when you can as there will be mystery photos and quiz questions.

Have a good week.



Last week the children were invited to write a discussion text based around the question: 'Should people be allowed feed seagulls and pigeons?' Here are some lovely examples of their writing...
These AMAZING paintings have been created at home by Frankie in 5 Stoats. As you can see, he has used the work of Van Gogh and Klimt for his inspiration. 
Home Learning Ideas for week commencing 22.6.20


Here are the suggested Home Learning ideas for this week.So far we have learned about bees, birds and now TREES as part of our 'Nature All Around Us' topic.


All of the instructions and resources are listed below as usual and on Teams.


Have a good week. Have fun!


From The Year 5 Team

Last week Year 5 learned all about BEES. This is a super pencil sketch created by Ralphie in 5 Otters.
Home Learning ideas for week commencing 15.6.20

Hello Year 5! 


This week we are going to be learning a little more about our 'feathery friends.' You can find some activities about birds listed below. The writing task for this week is also on this theme and is a discussion text. In Maths we are going to be converting units of time.There are plenty of resources to help you with all of your learning. 


If you would like to share either home learning or another activity with your friends, simply post into Teams or email to the school and the office will send on your message to your teachers.


Have fun!

From The Year 5 Team

Home Learning Ideas for week commencing 8.6.20

It's all about BEES this week! 

Have a look at the learning ideas and try to keep 'as busy as a bee!'

Have fun!


Best wishes from

The Year 5 Team

Some Home Learning Ideas for you

Welcome back! We really hope that you all had a safe and fun half-term break. We have planned some Home Learning ideas for you to try if you wish. These materials are also posted into the new Year 5 Team. Please get in touch with the school if you continue to have difficulty in accessing Teams and we will endeavour to help you.

Many Thanks for your support and encouragement.

The Year 5 Team

The Otters have been very creative and have produced lovely otter images for our Teams logo. These are by Dora and Tilly.
Home Learning suggestions for Week 7 'Weird and Wacky Inventions!'

We really hope that you and your family are safe and well.

It has been so nice to get out and about and enjoy yet more sunshine and a little more freedom.

The children have been responding REALLY well to the weekly assignments and really trying hard to show-off the skills they have previously learned in school.

This week is all about 'Weird and Wacky Inventions.' We hope they have lots of fun with this. We can't wait to see and hear about what they come up with!

Best wishes from-

The Year 5 Team

Here are the resources needed for this week 'Weird and Wacky Inventions!'
Home Learning Suggestions for Week 6. 'The Amazon.'

Welcome back!

We really hope that you and your family are safe and well. We look forward to seeing some photographs of your VE Day celebrations (and outfits.)

The Home Learning suggestions for Week 6 are both here and in Teams for your child to access. There is a weekly overview including a timetable should you wish to have a learning routine.

This week the activities are based around The Amazon Rainforest.

With best wishes from,

The Year 5 Team

Here are the resources you might need for week 6 Home Learning 'The Amazon.'
Treasure Island story extracts

Writing by Ralphie and Torr in 5 Otters

Week 5 Home Learning Suggestions

Thank you again for another REALLY successful week of home learning and activities. The children are certainly keeping busy and it is lovely that they are sharing that with us. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Last week the children went off into space. This week, they are plunging into the depths of the ocean in 'Underwater Wonder.'

The suggested activities over-view for the week are listed at the top of the resources bank below.

If you are having difficulty accessing Teams, please contact admin and they should be able to find someone to help you.

On Friday, the whole school has been encouraged to dress in red, white and blue to celebrate the 75th VE Day celebrations. We would love to see photographs! We have also provided a couple of simple PowerPoints and a list of extra VE Day activities for you to consider at home. (Also listed below.) All of the same resources are posted into the Teams ready for the children to access if they prefer to refer to there.

Wishing you all a safe and happy week.

Best wishes from

The Year 5 Team

Week 4 Home Learning suggestions

The Year 5 teachers have been thrilled to see how many children are accessing the online learning being offered, frequently in addition to other lovely home activities. Please send in photographs!

This week the overall theme is 'Space Adventure!' All of the links and resources are already in the subject channels on Teams and listed here (below). Unfortunately, 'The Cup Song' files are too large to upload here and will need to be accessed via the Other Learning channel on Teams.

Thank you for all you are doing.

Best wishes from,

The Year 5 Team

Week 4 resources
Week 3 Home Learning Suggestions

Here are some suggested activities to try at home if you wish. There is an overview for the week should you prefer to have a day-by-day structure. The written assignment can be uploaded by Friday for teachers to see using Teams. If you continue to have difficulty with this, please email into school and it will be redirected to the appropriate person. 

This week the theme is 'Desert Island Adventure.'

Teachers will also record and upload the class story as often as they are able.

Please also send in photographs of any other fun activities your child has been engaged in.

Keep in touch.

Best wishes

the Year 5 Team.

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! We all really hope that you are safe and well and that you managed to enjoy plenty of the spring sunshine.

Here are some suggested activities for this week should you wish to use them. These are entirely optional. This week there are activities for English, Maths and Science. They are included here. There is a weekly overview should you wish to have a more structured approach.

Your class teachers will be checking in online throughout each day from Monday 13th of April via Microsoft Teams and will respond to your questions about any of the tasks. If you are not accessing Teams and you or your parents have an enquiry, please contact the school admin team and they will forward your message to the correct teacher.

We would love to see any photographs of any of your home activities and perhaps use some in the next whole school newsletter or here on the Year 5 class page.

Best wishes from the Year 5 Team.


Week 2 Home Learning options
Week 2 Overview
Home Learning week 2 resources

Hi Year 5! We have been SO proud of you all this week whether you have been in school or at home.Lots of you have joined in with the learning activities and Mr.Doku's workouts! From today the Team Channels will be closed for the Easter holidays-but will return after that. So please don't go to Teams for two weeks. Thank you.


However, We have attached a link for you to a document which is FULL of fun activities for you to try if you wish. These activities are optional.


Have a lovely Easter with your families. If you are in school next week we also hope you have lots of Easter fun too!


From The Year 5 Team

Class Books

We are not going to be able to continue with Live Video meetings with our classes. However, the Y5 teachers will pre-record themselves reading the class book whenever they are able to do so. These videos will appear in the Class Book Channel.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Year 5 Team

Home Learning 23.3.20

Hello to Year 5. Here is your suggested learning for this week. The only assignment we would like you to return is the writing task-persuading your reader to visit Dawlish Warren. Using all the features we have learned about and based on the style of the 'Wonder Garden.'

You need to look at the weekly over-view first and then go to the resources. That should then make sense.

Enjoy the sunshine!


Read this first


Please find a selection of activities in the linked document below. Further up-dates will be given when appropriate.

Thank you.


Mrs.Milankovic (Y5&6 Team Lead)

As we transition into a period of 'home learning' all KS2 children have the exciting opportunity to engage with our interactive online classroom 'Microsoft Teams'. This platform will enable the childrens' learning journey to remain purposeful, interactive and take place alongside their peers online.


We are aware that this platform may be new to many and have prepared 3 documents for you:

1. An overview image outlining the login procedure

2. A video to explain how to log in to the new Office 365 accounts

3. A video to demonstrate some key features of what happens once the children have logged in.

Current Topic learning- February 2020

PE at home


We have a link to Mr Doku's youtube channel showing family workouts every day at 9am for your families to use from home (parental supervision is required). - Mr Doku's channel, 9am every week day. - mini movers, giving lots of physical activities to do, which also incorporates Literacy and Numeracy. - the premier league have provided lots of physical activities for families to try at home using this link. - Dance & Movement Videos - We do this one in school. Lots and lots of videos to help get active indoors. - Cosmic Kids Yoga. Gentle stretches to do along with story telling.



Requests and reminders



1. Newspaper needed for creative activities

2. Parent helpers still needed for the Dawlish warren trips-please give permission and payment asap please



1. No trading cards/stickers or putty/slime to be brought into school

2. Wellies if possible for Forest School on Wednesdays

3. Bikeability permission slips by Friday 28th February


Current Maths Learning-Feb 2020
Current English Learning-Feb 2020
Learning in Maths in the New Year...
Topic Web for the next half-term. Spring 2020 (scroll to second page!)

It is an expectation that handwriting is cursive/joined. Please find attached sheets to help practise your handwriting.

Notification of Otters swimming dates

There has unfortunately been a little confusion over the dates for the Otters swimming at Exeter School this half-term Many apologies.

The dates for swimming are as follows:

November 12th  19th  26th

December 3rd  10th  17th

After half-term learning...

Please find links beneath here to our next topic web, the Maths and English overviews. if you have time, maybe do a little pre-learning with your child. Maybe research dinosaurs? Practice some addition and subtraction? Please, always encourage your child to practice spelling and times tables at home... and read!


Thank you so much for your support and encouragement throughout this first half-term.

Have a lovely break.


The Year 5 Team

When Plastic was Fantastic!

Hopefully your child will have brought home a plastic based item which they have up-cycled into something new and with a new purpose!


they could choose to make a penguin skittle, a flower or a self-watering plant container.

Our Topic for this half term!

Spelling lists. These are the statutory lists for 3&4 and 5&6.
Our whole class reading text
This term we are all enjoying reading 'The Island at the End of Everything.' Please ask your child all about the story so far...
Current Maths
In Maths this half term we are concentrating on Place Value. This includes knowing the value of digits in a number up to a million. Ordering and comparing numbers. Negative numbers and Roman Numerals. 
Our Learning Environments so far....
Swimming in Year 5
This year Year 5 children will all have the opportunity to have some coaching in swimming at the Exeter School Pool. This term the Otters will be swimming. In the Spring Term it will be the turn of the Stoats and finally the Polecats. Letters will be sent when it is your child's turn to swim.
The Exe Valley Challenge
Over a hundred Y4 and Y5 children took part in a 5.4 mile practice walk this week. The actual event takes place in the 30th of June at ISCA. Permission and payment must be received by the 14th of June. Further information will follow.

This term our topic is called called'Crash, Bang, Wallop!' as you will see from the attached topic plan the children will be taking part in many activities involving crashing, smashing and exploding!

Year Important Dates and Events!

Some Otters have written about 'Around The World in 80 Minutes.'

Dear Parents,


Only 3 more days to go before our Around the World in 80 Minutes’ performance.


Please find below some useful information for the day.  Please note that the information below is specific to Year 5 only as other year groups may have alternative arrangements.

Year 5 - Around the World in 80 Minutes

Year 5 have been participating in a trading game based around Australia. They have been placed in a number of interest groups where they have persuade the government to give them funding. Then off they go trading with each other. It has promoted lots of discussion and reasoned debate!

Australia trading game!

Polecats become natural scientists for the afternoon!

Please keep sending in kitchen roll tubes, wrapping paper tubes or even larger tubes for the children to make didgeridoos. (No toilet roll tubes thank you.)
BBQ date change

We have decided to move the Y5 BBQ to the afternoon of Wednesday the 13th at 2pm. This is due to all of the other events taking place this week (Mental Health Week, Internet Safety Week and World Book Day!)


At the moment,we are short of funds to buy the food and drink for the BBQ, so please send in your permission slip and contribution asap.

Thank you

Trip change alert!


Unfortunately, due mainly to unexpected transportation costs, we will not be visiting the Eden Project in March. However, we endeavour to find a creative alternative which will equally provoke and stimulate the children's minds!

Haunting Quay walk to inspire description!

Important dates to remember!

If we imagined that we were in Australia, now, we would be wearing shorts, tee shirts and a sunhat! So let's recreate a good old Aussie BBQ and throw some snags on the barbie! This event will happen on Wednesday 13th February in school. A letter will be forthcoming.


After half term, we will be investigating plants and will be arranging an exciting trip to the Eden Project on Monday 4th March. Details to follow.

SPELLINGS i before e except after c...or is it?

Our next book inserts. Can I.....?
Our next topic web.
Completed Ammonites
The ammonite models are now all finished and they look really effective. Hopefully we will be able to display them alongside the Jurassic Coast paintings.
Drama Workshops
All of the children had the opportunity to work with some students from  Exeter School sixth form last week. They linked the drama workshops to the anti-bullying week which took place earlier in the term. The children played warm-up games in a circle and then created their own 'freeze frame' scenes which they performed to the rest of the class.
The children have had the opportunity to paint on canvas. They used images of the Jurassic Coast as their inspiration. The finished paintings are going on display throughout the Y5&6 corridor for the remainder of the year. Perhaps drop in at the end of the day to appreciate them. They are absolutely stunning and the children should feel very proud of what they have achieved.

Ssshhhh...silent letters!

Jurassic Survival Guides!

Year 5 have meticulously been creating survival guide booklets based on living in a Jurassic land. They have included instruction writing, detailed annotated diagrams and diary writing. We hope you enjoy flicking through their books and feel free to continue filling them in!

Homonyms 4...or...for...or...fore!!!

Tables Facts and Other Related Known Facts

At the beginning of Year 5 we requested that in order to support school-based learning that parents consolidate times tables facts at home. Could we now ask that you link these to other known facts.


For example:


2x9=18  so 20x9=180  and 180 divided by 9=20


37 divided by 6=6r1   (6x6=36)


Thank you






Otters Love the Wet!
The Otters thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Lyme Regis. Although it was not safe to venture on to the beach, the children really enjoyed being blown around by the wind. The sea was really rough, pounding against the sea wall and we could all appreciate the raw power of nature. The children had a longer museum experience and asked some really in-depth questions. They were a true credit to St.Leonards Primary.

Lyme Regis Trip - Polecats

Homonym Spellings 3

Don't forget to practise your Year 5/6 spellings along side the patterns we do each week.

Lyme Regis Trip for Stoats

As part of the Year 5 topic on the Jurassic, we will be seeing why the coast from Exmouth to Swanage is a World Heritage Site. We will discover who made fossil hunting an activity beyond folly. And finally, we'll become Jurassic detectives and explore what lived in our past!

Stoats had a fantastic time and learned lots from Lyme Regis Museum's resident palaeontologist, Chris Andrew.


Polecats visit on Fri 23rd and Otters on Wednesday 28th November. More exciting pictures to follow!

Homonym Spellings

Recommended books!

Further to Parents Evening, here are some recommended books from the Year 5 team.
3-D Ammonites

The children have just begun to create some wonderful 3-D Ammonites. They are using cardboard and masking tape at this early stage. They have realised that they need to be very accurate and careful with measuring, cutting and attaching.

The first three images are the exemplars they are using to guide them in this activity.

Year 5 are embarking on creating a bespoke booklet on how to survive in the Jurassic times. The children will be including a variety of text types in their booklets. To inspire practical research into instruction writing, children foraged in the woodland for materials to create their shelter. The children presented their learning in front of class using excellent instruction language.

Shelter building!

Some of the spelling patterns reminder...

Homonym 1 spellings!

Invictus Games closing ceremony!

Y5 children have been really enjoying the ethos of the Invictus Games and have thrown themselves into the topic, literally, playing sit down volleyball, creating robotic arms (no electrics involved!) and making medals out of clay (as seen previously). Ask your child about the Games. You should hear detailed accounts using lots of complex sentences and relative clauses!

Hyphenated spellings exercise.

Half Term Task!
The children are going to be looking at the features of report writing. It would be very helpful, if at some point over half term, your child can watch some Invictus events or news headlines about the event. This will therefore mean that your child has some prior knowledge and information in advance. Thank you for your support with this activity. 
Invictus Medals
The children are beginning to find out about the Invictus Games (due to take place in Australia next week). This week they looked at the Invictus medal designs, and have now created their own clay medal. After half term, when they clay is fully dried, they will be painted gold/bronze/silver (the children can choose their own medal colour.)
Horrific Litter Pick!
The children were horrified to discover how much litter (particularly plastic waste) was littered around our school site! Hopefully, the next time they do this, there won't be such a worrying amount. 
African Style Fabric Printing
The children have read the story ''One Plastic Bag' in which the main character makes a purse. They have looked at a variety of African geometric patterns and then designed their own poly-tile printing block. They have printed on to fabric and are going to sew around the outside of the fabric circle to eventually form a simple draw-string purse.

Single use Plastic Free Day!!

Spellings- add suffix after 'fer words

Two week Invictus Games overview

Lava lamp properties investigation!

ible/able & ibly/ably spellings

Find below the next unit of English we will be carrying out. We will be teaching the children how to plan, draft and edit a story!

Also, you will find the next unit of maths. All these units will be revisited over the year. We will still be focusing on children's understanding of number and each digits value. 

As ever, please feel free to see your child's teacher to arrange a meeting if you have any further questions.


Year 5 team

Addititive reasoning

One Plastic Bag English unit

Welcome to Year 5!

Ruth Milankovic, Gary Nixon, Lucie Troop

The spelling patterns from the National Curriculum are words which the children will revisit over the year.

The inserts attached are general areas Y5 will be following over the course of the unit. English and Maths units last between 2 and 3 weeks. The topic can last for up to a half term. As mentioned during the Parent Information evening, we will be doing a short 2 week topic on the Invictus games as it is a world event which takes place this half term. Please feel free to take the opportunity, with your child, to delve deeper into the subject matter. Maybe they could share their findings with the class!

Also, please ask about what strategies we are use to teach your child, specifically with +/-/÷/x, if you are unsure.

Wanted in Y5:

  • Clean 2 litre plastic bottles with tops and clean 1litre milk containers with lids. (To make bird feeders)
  • Old wooden spoons/spatulas. (For bird feeder perches)
  • Roughly A4 photo/picture frames.

Topic web- Is Plastic Drastic?

Please find below the curriculum words children are expected to be able to spell by the time they complete Year 6. You can use the lists to consolidate or learn new words with your child throughout the year. In school, we will be mainly focusing on spelling patterns which are appropriate for Year 5. We will also differentiate for those who need it.

One way of assisting your child is the 'Look, cover, spell, check' method. Study the word, hide it from view, your child attempts to spell it then they check if they're correct!

Please ask your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Y5 Team

Welcome to Year 5, 2018-19!


Year 5 had a very French Day coincidently after France won the World Cup! They took part in 9 different activities which included the Tour de St L's. Also, there was a French cafe, conversational French with an expert (Mrs Brinton and Heidi Rivolta), design a gateau for a patisserie, the geography of France, etc. 
Year 5 continued with their topic on sustainability and Fairtrade with fruit imports by creating their own smoothies. The task went down well!

Sustainable Smoothies

There will be a Cricket Tea for all Y5 families on Wednesday the 18th of July 2018. It will take place on the back field at 1.45pm-2.45pm. The school will provide mini sandwiches and drinks, but we would be very grateful for the donation of cakes for this event.

Many Thanks.

Children from both Otters and Stoats were invited to attend a Science Day at Exeter School and explore Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They all had a fantastic time making explosions, dissecting owl pellets and creating motors. Also, they represented the school to the highest of standards.

Home Learning Reminder.

Please ensure that your child reads every evening and logs onto Mathletics whenever possible. A P4C question is being sent home weekly. Home Learning books should be handed in on Monday and the next task will be issued on Wednesday.

Thank you for your support.

The Year 5 Team



Jewish Objects
This term Y5 are continuing to learn about the Jewish faith through creative practical tasks. So far they have made Mezuzah's for the classroom door frame, Seder plates, played the Dreidal Game and this week the Otters have made clay imprints of a mini Menorah candle holder. As you can see, they then carefully painted the imprint using metallic paints. Each week, they have learned about the significance of each item.
Mr.Baylis has been coming in on Fridays to coach the children in cricket. They have learned how to catch effectively, how to bowl and how to hit the ball with increased accuracy. Later this half term, we hope to invite families in to watch the children playing cricket.
As part of the new Crash, Bang, Wallop topic, the children have taken photographs of themselves pulling funny faces! They have then carefully cut these into fragments to create 'shattered' images.

This half term's topic web for all Otters and Stoats

'Build-A-Bear' (Wartime style!)
As the very last wartime activity, the children have all made a simple teddy bear. They thought about what an evacuee would need in their suitcase, and decided that this would be a very important item. They carefully sewed on button eyes, sewed around the perimeter, stuffed the bear and then added some simple accessories.
This week the children dressed up as evacuees and greeted their families and friends as they 'returned from the countryside.' Everyone then enjoyed a VE Day party complete with bunting, music, singing and wartime food! |Thank you to all parents for supporting this half term's project by providing outfits, party funds and party cakes. The children have learned so much about this period in history through engaging role-play activities.

Dig (and plant) for victory!

Year 5 re-enacted the homefront attitude by planting seeds for food. We will nurture our pots indoors and gradually introduce them to the new Year 5/6 growing areas. A few seeds were gigantic pumpkins! The rest were runner beans.
Year 5 dressed as WW2 evacuees and wandered around the city observing signs from the past. We saw the shelters, areas which were bombed, the war memorial and an Anderson shelter in the RAMM. It was a brilliant way to immerse ourselves into the past.
As part of our writing in the 1st person, we took a break from WW2 and focused on Tom Gates style. Lots of lovely small doodles within grammar rich text. The children produced mini 8 page booklets. See the fantastic front covers!
More about Judaism
This week the children have been learning more about the Jewish faith through artefacts. They have designed their own Seder Plate (used at Passover) and played the Dreidel Game (played as part of the Hannukah festival.)

Playing the Dreidel Game

WWII, the homefront recreated!

Year 5 'experienced' part of the life of a WW2 school child. For PE, they used a variety of equipment to recreate Anderson shelters. A siren was sounded and a controlled panic ensued as children raced to their creations!

Year 5 defy gravity!

Using paper spinners, Year 5 investigated how we can use air resistance to slow down the effects of gravity. This led onto how we could create a fair test.
Gonna crawl, gonna The Ugly Bug Ball!
Thank you to everyone who came to The Ugly Bug Ball last week. The children looked truly wonderful in their masks and performed their poems, songs and dances perfectly.
How do you define what is alive? That was the question we investigated this week. Our path led us to the world of yeast! Hopefully, the series of experiments will be lifelong learning memories! Mainly because of the mess!!
Otters Puppet Fun!
Here are 5 Otters looking very excited about their fantastic puppets. Thank you to all those parents who came to see the show last week.
Tricky Maths!
Here the children are working on the solution to quite a tricky maths problem. Using the digits 1-9 only once they have to multiply horizontally and vertically to give the correct answer (at the end of each row and at the base of each column.)

Ugly Bug creation!

Stoats Rollapaloza!

Australian Animal Glove Puppets
The children have made wonderful glove puppets to accompany their Australian stories. When we are not so busy with other events, they hope to visit Year 1 to share their puppets and stories.
Last week the children had the opportunity to try some Rollapaluza. They raced against each other on static bikes. They all did really well and put in 100% effort. Congratulations to the two medal winners in each class.
"Come on let's crawl to the Ugly Bug Ball...."
Grand preparations are underway for this years Annual Ugly Bug Ball! This is going to take place on the 23rd of March 2018. Your child should have brought home a letter with all of the details. They have started to create their dance routines and to make the base for the ugliest bug masks.....EVER! 
Fractions! Fractions!
The children in Year 5 have been learning all about fractions. They have been able to convert improper fractions into mixed fractions, use decimal fractions and are going to move on to percentages.
Year 5 travelled to Mediterranean and Rainforest habitats to experience the sights and textures of atmosphere and plants. It was a fantastic learning experience which was helped by the brilliant education team at Eden. One of the main messages that the children took away from Eden was how reliant and how we must protect plants and their habitats. Check out the steam bridge! A great cleansing time was had by all!
Otters and Stoats have totally immersed themselves in the Australia game! Having investigated Australia through topic and English over the half term, children put their skills to the test as they role played their way to creating a better, more unified Australia. Small groups represented a variety of offices, such as Logging, Farming, Climate Change and Tourism. They had to research and present their findings to the Australian government asking for large sums of money, trade with other offices, work out balances including percentages! The children have really enjoyed the week whilst working hard with their learning and building their group communication skills.
Our latest WOW writing walls.
Rainforest in a box!
The Otters have been demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of the structure of rainforests by building their own forests in a box. They have worked collaboratively and used a wide range of skills and materials.
Arty Otters

The Otters have been studying plant life and flowering cycles in Science. To link with this, they have produced oil pastel images and also used a digital microscope to take some amazing photographs of flowers. Some real WOW moments.

They have also created some stunning leaf prints using poly-tiles and ink.

Smartie maths!

The Stoats put down their pencils and picked up the mixing bowls to make Smartie cookies! It was great for sneaky maths! We multiplied the ingredients by 4 to get enough cookies. We divided by 5 bowls. We used rounding to estimate our answers and inverse checking to prove them. Lots of weighing (g or decimals of kg) and timing. Unfortunately, there are no photos of the end product as the children scoffed the evidence!
The Otters played Dodgeball. It is a fast and furious game played between four teams all at the same time.
Why was Bill Larkin so lucky to have his 56th birthday?
The Otters discovered why Bill Larkin (Australian) was lucky to celebrate his 56th birthday. He lived in Kinglake s remote town....when disaster struck on his birthday. Ask your child what happened!

Its Wall Of Wonder time!

Year 5 have just finished their latest Wall Of Wonder (WOW) piece of writing. This is usually an opportunity to highlight skills we have learned in Y5 such as relative clauses, modal verbs, interesting sentence starters and punctuation within dialogue. Our story was based on survival in the outback. Lucky we had survival guides still fresh in our memories!
It's all about Shape.
In maths Year 5 have been learning how to describe the properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes using the correct mathematical vocabulary. They have categorised regular and irregular polygons, played interactive shape games using the lap-tops and constructed 3-D shapes using nets.
Flintstones, it's the Flintstones!!
Year 5 have been taking inspiration from the cartoon Flintstone family, in order to come up with a Stone Age vehicle! (DT)They have assembled a simple card chassis, added dowel axles and wheels. Next, they are going to add their own bodywork. It can be absolutely any design they wish. The children have used junior hacksaws, sawing blocks and low-melt glue-guns. They have realised how essential accuracy is when measuring and sawing the axles in order to avoid the dreaded 'wobbly wheel!'
Survival Guides nearing completion....
The children are continuing with their Jurassic Survival Guides. This week they have designed the cover and written the 'blurb' for their books. They have all worked really hard on this activity, and are looking forward to being able to take them home to share with their families.
Year 5 have looked at the abstract works of art by Wassily Kandinsky. They have created their own images using their preferred medium. These wonderful examples were created by Otters!


Y5 have been delving into the past with their topic and stumbled across Stonehenge. The class found it intriguing how people at the time had such a strong affiliation with the sun and moon; a bit like us with our science. Ask your children about waxing and waning gibbous moons or even the supermoon! Using 3D nets, we created Stoathenge!
Stoats and Otters Go Underground!

Year 5 enjoyed a visit to Kent's Cavern near Torquay. They had the opportunity to go on a guided tour of the caves and to learn all about how the caves were formed millions of years ago. They could handle replica remains of human life and animals found at this site. They learned how early humans used sea-shells, moss and animal fat to make lamps. But when the flames were extinguished, they experienced absolute blackness. As part of this visit they also took part in a woodland trail/search and a dig for gemstones.


Ask your child if they can remember the meaning of some key vocabulary used during the visit:


Flow Stone





Thank you also to the parents who came along to support this visit.