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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Rachel Taylor, Danni Wilkinson, Justine Austin


Welcome to our  year group page.  This is where we share the children's fantastic learning and achievements, as well as class information, trip details and other reminders.  We hope you visit regularly as the children love to show off what they can do!

6th May 2020 - A message from the Year 4 Team

Thank you for all your lovely messages of support and for encouraging your child/ren to keep learning while school is closed, in what ever form this is taking!  We are really enjoying seeing the pictures, photos, stories and videos that are coming in.

In line with other year groups, we are now posting new activities on 'Teams' rather than on the website.  Please see below for information about how to access Teams and if you have any difficulties, please email us on so that we can help.

The website links below continue to provide activities to support your child while they are at home, and can be accessed instead of, or alongside the tasks on Teams. But as always, and most importantly, continue to look after your mental and physical health, and just do whatever you can. 

Thank you again,

The Year 4 Team


**** Microsoft Teams ****

        19th March 2020

As we transition into a period of 'home learning' all KS2 children have the exciting opportunity to engage with our interactive online classroom 'Microsoft Teams'. This platform will enable the childrens' learning journey to remain purposeful, interactive and take place alongside their peers online.


We are aware that this platform may be new to many and have prepared 3 documents for you:

1. An overview image outlining the login procedure

2. A video to explain how to log in to the new Office 365 accounts

3. A video to demonstrate some key features of what happens once the children have logged in.

Template for Pobble365 assignments - children, please save a copy to your one drive and submit through the Teams assignments

Suggestions for Home/Remote Learning - 17th March 2020

Due to the uncertainty around the current Coronavirus pandemic, we are suggesting that the following websites and activities could be worked on from home if you are self-isolating or in the event of a school closure. Keep checking back here as we will be updating the content over the coming weeks.



Project ideas

Our next topic is called 'Ancient Greeks, Groovy or Gory?'.  You could try any of these activities (or invent one of your own) and share your learning with the rest of the class!

  1. What can you find out about life in the times of the Ancient Greeks? Can you write a 'day in the life' diary?
  2. What food do they eat in Greece?  Have a go at making a Greek speciality! Write down the recipe and instructions, take some photos and let us know what it was like!
  3. The Ancient Greeks were very good at making pottery and decorating it with patterns.  Research some patterns and design a piece of pottery (a jug/drinking vessel/plate?).  You could even have a go at making one!
  4. Read some Greek Myths (there are lots available on Epic Books - see above for link).  Can you re-write one as a comic strip?  Or illustrate your favourite one?  You could even have a go at writing your own version!
  5. Mythical creatures - Ancient Greek myths are full of mythical creatures that are part one animal and part another.  What mythical creature would you write about?  Can you make up one of your own?  What strengths and weaknesses would it have?  How would it be defeated? Can you draw it? Or even make it out of recycling items?

Science activities - What is friction?  What causes it?  What does it do?  What do we need it for? Can we get rid of it?  Try the activities below to help you find out - or do some research of your own!

Suggested Reading Books

Helping your child with spelling

PE at home


We have a link to Mr Doku's youtube channel showing family workouts every day at 9am for your families to use from home (parental supervision is required). - Mr Doku's channel, 9am every week day - mini movers, giving lots of physical activities to do, which also incorporates Literacy and Numeracy. - the premier league have provided lots of physical activities for families to try at home using this link. - Dance & Movement Videos - We do this one in school. Lots and lots of videos to help get active indoors. - Cosmic Kids Yoga. Gentle stretches to do along with story telling.



14th April 2020 - Welcome back to the 'new look' Summer Term!

We hope you've all had a lovely Easter break with plenty of chocolate and sunshine! We will be uploading activities (here and on Teams) for you to have a go at over the next few weeks so keep an eye out and please do as much or as little as you are able.  It is a very strange time for all of us but some structure and routine may be useful all round!

Happy Holidays!

Hi Year 4! Thank you all for engaging so brilliantly with the online learning we've been doing this week and for all the other activities you have shared with us too!  We seem to be getting the hang of it! laugh

As it is now the Easter Holidays, there won't be any more assignments for 2 whole weeks (yay!) and your teachers will be switching off too! But if you are going to keep using the chatter channels on Teams, remember to be kind, polite and respectful.  Your comments can be seen by everyone and will be monitored!

If you are stuck for activity ideas and things to do while you're at home, we will be putting some website links here which have loads of fun things to try.  We would love to see what you get up to - but not until 14th April at the earliest!

Have a lovely break, and don't eat too much chocolate (well, not all in one go at least!)

Mrs Taylor, Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Austin

**** Learning activities/tasks for week beginning 23rd March 2020 ****


Log on to Manga High (see link below) and make at least 3 attempts at the teacher assigned activities.  There is no need to submit anything on Teams as we will be able to see your progress directly from Manga High.  There are place value, addition, fractions and time challenges to have a go at over the week.  None of this is new learning, just some activities to refresh our memories!



Look at the Pobble365 website and complete 3 different days' worth of activities - there is an art challenge, a short writing, some comprehension questions and some vocabulary challenges too.  You can either complete the challenge on a Word document or take a photo of your work, save it in your one drive and 'hand in' on the assignment tab on Teams!


Spreading Some Happiness

There are lots of elderly people in care homes who can not have any visitors at the moment and that must be pretty lonely. So, I thought that if we all wrote a letter to an old person, that may give them a little happiness. Could you write a letter telling them about yourself, family, what you like doing etc (not any personal info like your address, we can use the school's address) ask them some questions, tell them some jokes. Ask them to write back to the school. Mrs. Howard's husband manages a care home so we can get them printed and sent.


Explaining Electrical Circuits – Part 1

You have all made and drawn a simple electrical circuit. There is a video in the files section that explains a little more about how this works. It’s called ‘Introduction to simple circuits.’

I would like you to explain how to make an electrical circuit using the following equipment:

- a cell (battery)

- wires

- bulb or buzzer

- switch

Then, explain a little bit about how the circuit works using what we have already talked about in class and the information in the video.

You can do this in Word and add pictures/ drawings if you know how


You can do the whole thing as a piece of writing, take a photo and upload it


Upload a video explain what you know (You might need a model or drawing to help you explain)


Explaining Electrical Circuits – Part 2

Write instructions for someone to explain how to make an electrical quiz board like the ones we made at school. Try to explain why the bulb lights up when you select the correct answer and why it doesn’t when you don’t.

(If you were away and didn’t make your quiz board you don’t have to complete this assignment  - Just write me a message to let me know)


Static Electricity – Practical Science

In the files section there is a PDF called ‘Bend water with static electricity’.

I would like you to have a go at the activity. (When it says faucet, it means tap!)

At the bottom of the sheet there is a “Make it an experiment” section. Try out these questions. Write each one as a subheading on a Word document and record your observations below – what did you see happening?  


*** Thank you ***

Thank you so much for keeping your children at home where ever it has been possible yesterday, today and for the coming weeks. It was very strange (and quiet) in school yesterday without them!
We are getting to grips with Microsoft Teams and although we are having a few teething issues, we are getting there. It is lovely to still have a way of interacting with the children about their work.  We will try to post as much as possible here to make sure that everybody continues to have access.
As far as we are able, we will be checking in with Teams during regular school hours and aim to respond to work submitted as regularly as we can.
Our very best wishes
Mrs Taylor, Mrs Austin and Mrs Wilkinson

8.11.19                Final reminder for Parents' Evening!

Just a final reminder that Parents' Evenings are next week on Monday (11th November) and Wednesday (13th November) between 3:30pm and 6:30pm.  Each appointment slot is only 10 minutes long so that we can fit everyone in and there are only a few spaces left! So if you would like an appointment and are having difficulty using the online system, please see the lovely admin staff in the office who will be happy to help you.

Many thanks!

20.9.19       Rounding and rhyming!

In year 4 we have been working really hard learning to round any number to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000.  We have learned a song to help us remember the procedure but we have really explored place value in depth to make sure we understand what it means. Keep an eye out for upcoming videos where the children will demonstrate how to use their understanding to round any number, and a group performance of our rounding rap!

20.9.19 A busy start to the term!

The children have made a terrific start to the school year, and what a busy start it has been too!  We have been using Roman numerals, maths pictures and models to read and round increasingly larger numbers, immersed ourselves in dragons and dinosaur fantasy stories, explored the layers of the earth, built and exploded volcanoes, and used charcoal to sketch and shade some pretty impressive dragon art and discussed the importance of water to life on earth and as a symbol in the Christian faith.  Check out our class dojo pages for more pictures of our activities!

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