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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

                                                                   Alison McDaid, Julie Child, Sarah Davis, Gary Nixon


A huge well done, Year 3 for getting through your online learning. You have all done it in your own way which just shows that there are many ways to approach learning! Happy holidays and we'll see you all in September! (Even though you'll be in a different class crying)

The last one!

Pics of the week!

Find above the last FULL week of lovely learning! There is so much fun packed in! Also, we have included some great questions that someone could ask you about your book.
Find this week's plans full of fun filled learning activities and opportunities! An important note is that the PSHE this week is to try and fill in your Pen Portrait! Keep fit and healthy!

Pen portrait

Hi Year 3!

Could you please fill in this very important document. It's called a Pen Portrait and you may have seen your new teacher discuss it on a video, recently. It is your opportunity to tell your new teacher things about you and, most importantly, ask questions about anything regarding moving up to Year 4. It has been set as an assignment on Year 3 Teams, so it would be fabulous if you could save your portrait like you have been with all your other work, in Teams. Don't worry if you can't! Just get it to us in any way that you are comfortable with.

Weekly plan for 29th June

Hi Year 3!

Find above the weekly plan for Monday 29th June. Packed with fun learning activities! REMEMBER to do the assignment in English and 'turn in' your work to Teams. If this is a problem, just e-mail to

Also, keep posting in any pieces of work or photos of activities. If you photo your work and send that in, you'll see it on the slideshow! Have a grrrrreat weekend!

Click on the link to find a recording explaining this week's learning. Don't forget, there'll be an assignment you can turn in by Friday! The link should work. If not, go to the Year 3 Teams page and you will see the recording for 29th June.

Pics of the week (which include work)!

You can check out a video on Microsoft Teams, All Year 3 children, which helps to explain the week's plan (22nd June).

If you have Microsoft Office (which includes Microsoft Streaming as one its apps) on your device, the video can be accessed by clicking on the pink word. Have fun!

Weekly plan for 22nd June

Well done, Year 3's for getting through another lockdown week. You are all doing amazingly well. Just know that we all have our up and down days. You are not alone. Remember to speak to others. You can meet, Zoom, phone, Snapchat, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Google Hangout or, even, write a letter!!

To enlighten your week, find next week's plan attached. It's full of fun learning, guaranteed! English has been tweaked so that it is a bit more open to all. Check it out! The plans will be put here and Microsoft Teams Files/Class materials.

There will be a recorded video uploaded on Monday to explain the plain and answer some questions you may have.

Have a great weekend and FATHERS DAY!

Year 3 team 

After your week of English where there's a video clip to view, there will a small assignment which we'd like you to do. It will be an assignment on Microsoft Teams.

Assignment: Write a letter as if you were Peck saying that you are leaving for another cloud. Give reasons why you’re leaving and what you’d prefer. Be descriptive and talk about how you feel.

Pics of the week!

You can check out a video on Microsoft Teams, All Year 3 children, which helps to explain the week's plan (15th June).

If you have Microsoft Office (which includes Microsoft Streaming as one its apps) on your device, the video can be accessed by clicking on the pink word. Have fun!

Learning for w/c 15th June

Hi, Year 3!

We hope you've had a fit and healthy week. Did you do anything different? Could you photo an activity you've done or some work? If so, send it to the Year 3 Team in Microsoft Office. Save it in the 'Posts' or 'Files/ Class materials'. We will choose some and put them up on this page. If you are finding this method too tricky, just send them into . Also, check out the occasional video created by a Year 3 teacher. You'll hear stories or other learning bits and bobs.

Find below next week's suggested learning plan. There is a bit of everything with links to relevant web sites. We hope you like the way it is laid out and we will always be looking at the learning and see if we can tweak it so that it is as friendly, challenging and enjoyable as possible!

Stay safe!

The Year 3 team.

Pics from the week!

Wonderful Year 3 activities!

Hi there, Year 3. We hope you are feeling fit and healthy physically and mentally. Please find below the plan for next week. It has all your maths and English. Plus a reading comprehension, fun spelling exercises, topic introduction and many more exciting activities.

Please send in any photos of you and your activity and we'll post them up on the Year 3 website.

Have a great weekend!

The Year 3 Team cheeky

Weekly plan for 8th June

Sport and fitness!

Year 3, below you will see a document named 1 June. It is a document which will give you suggestions of the week's learning. It will be tweaked for next week when we'll get more into a themed learning. It will also tie into what children are doing at school. More learning challenges and details will grow as time goes on and we all find our learning feet!

Don't forget to stay healthy physically and mentally.

Plan for the week!

Emma's butterflies.

Still image for this video
Emma and her family found some butterfly eggs and nurtured them carefully. Look what happened! You can buy your own butterfly kits and give it a go.

Tortoise shell.mp4

Still image for this video

Tuesday 2nd June

Hi Year 3. I hope you are all making the most of the sun and staying fit physically and mentally.

I am just following up on Mrs McDaid's  message regarding learning online. Now that a number of children are returning to school (and this number will increase over the half term), teachers are going back to school to manage the smaller classes, as recommended by the government. I will be remaining at home and am focusing on the online learning. With that in mind, it may be easier if all you onliners went back to the general Y3 Microsoft team and not your individual classes, please. I will be able to answer any concerns or respond to messages much quicker than opening up each individual class. Don't worry though, I'll still check each class every so often.

We hope to adjust the online learning experience so that all learning for the week is on one document with embedded links or just simple signposting guiding you to the appropriate website. Therefore, children/ parents can continue school work at your own pace. The document will be on the school website and Microsoft Teams. I will let you know when this is complete. Otherwise, while school finds its feet this week, I will post up learning collated from the team, individually.

Please feel free to ask any questions if you are unsure about any of the above.

Bye for now,

Mr Nixon

Hello Year 3!  We hope you've enjoyed the half term break.  We will soon be putting up new home learning on Teams, and explaining how this will be organised this half term.  For now, please use the websites we have suggested below (you just need to scroll down past the information about Teams).


Happy Half Term !  

Hello Year 3 Hedgehogs, Moles and Squirrels.

We hope you are all  well and enjoying the learning activities we have been putting on Teams.  We have certainly loved seeing what you have been up to! You should all be very proud of yourselves for the way you have carried on with your learning and coped with not seeing your friends and teachers every day.   Next week is Half Term,  so we will not be posting new assignments,  and your teachers won't be available as we'll be having a break too!  Half term is time for you to chill out and enjoy some down time with your family!

We are now posting new activiites on 'Teams' rather than the website. Please see below for information about how to access Teams.  If you have any difficulites accessing these, please email us on so that we can help.    Below are some websites which will also provide activites to support your child whilst they are at home.

All KS2 children also have the exciting opportunity to engage with our interactive online classroom 'Microsoft Teams'. This platform will enable the childrens' learning journey to remain purposeful, interactive and take place alongside their peers online.


We are aware that this platform may be new to many and have prepared 3 documents for you:

1. An overview image outlining the login procedure

2. A video to explain how to log in to the new Office 365 accounts

3. A video to demonstrate some key features of what happens once the children have logged in.


Teams allows the children to communicate with their teacher, access assignments to do, and then share their work back with the teacher.


Children and parents can also email work into us at:

Anything emailed to these addresses will be forwarded to the class teacher who will then forward a reply back via admin.


The Book of Hopes: Words and Pictures to Comfort, Inspire and Entertain Children in Lockdown


For a daily dose of creativity and fun, check out our '10 Minute Challenges', which are set by bestselling authors and illustrators - we add a new challenge to this page every single day! For more author videos and free resources, check out our 'classroom' page

Fun with Dandelions from Mrs Evans (Forest School)



  • Oxford Owl website have many free books online for children to read and listen to (see the web link below)
  • Storyline Online also have a bank of stories (see the web link below)
  • Read every day. This can be either by yourself, or with a sibling or grown up.
  • Create a book review of any book you finish.
  • Film yourself reading a story, we can share these in class during story time.


The 'spelling frame' link below will help children access fun games linked to spelling patterns.

Below are also the spelling patterns which are taught during Year 3 as well as a list of the 'tricky' words which they are expected to learn.

These are the spelling patterns we are teaching during Year 3

An Unexpected Adventure

Write a letter to your Teacher !

Being Active

2D Shape Maths Quiz

Topic / other

Mobiles and Games

The links below have been passed on from a parent at the Met Office, and contain excellent weather themed activities for children to explore.

Try out some of these fantastic activities! Guaranteed fun!

Try as many as you want to!

Happy Holidays!

Hello Year 3!

As it is now the Easter Holidays, there won't be any more assignments for 2 whole weeks (yay!) and your teachers will be switching off too! If you are stuck for activity ideas and things to do while you're at home, we will be putting some website links here which have loads of fun things to try.  We would love to see what you get up to - but not until 14th April at the earliest!  Have a lovely break, and don't eat too much chocolate (well, not all in one go at least!)



Hello Year 3 parents!

Many thanks for your messages of support as we get to grips with our current situation.   We would just like to clarify that the home learning suggestions which we are posting on the website and in ‘Teams’ are not compulsory.  They are there to give you ideas about how children can keep their learning ticking over at this current time whilst the National Curriculum has been put on hold by the Government.    We realise that many of you are trying to work from home and also care for your children, so please don’t feel the need to follow all of our suggestions.  We will not be setting new learning over the 2 week Easter holiday period.

We hope you are all keeping well and wish you and your families all the best during this difficult time.


The Year 3 Team


Hi Year 3 people! 

Don't forget to access your Microsoft teams for some ideas to on how to learn in a creative way. Please feel free to add any ideas which have worked for you. 

Keep busy!

Home / Remote Learning Suggestions 

20th March 2020

The following websites and activities can be worked on from home. We will be updating and giving more information about remote learning as we can.




Story Writing Activity

In class we've read 'Blue John' by  Berlie Doherty.   The Queen of Darkness lives in a cave and has created Blue John for herself.  He is forbidden to go outside, or else he will turn to stone. One day, some children come into the cave to play and he is tempted to leave the cave. What does he do...?


Have a go at writing your own Blue John story, but change the characters, the setting and the problem.  For example, The Queen of the Oceans creates 'Sapphire' who lives in the ocean.  He is forbidden to leave the ocean.  One day, he hears children playing on the beach.  What will he decide to do....?


Children could then design a front cover for their story.  They might like to write and illustrate it in a cartoon style.


These are the spellings which children should know by the end of Year 3 & 4 

PE at home 


We have a link to Mr Doku's youtube channel showing family workouts every day at 9am for your families to use from home (parental supervision is required). - Mr Doku's channel, 9am every weekday. - mini movers, giving lots of physical activities to do, which also incorporates Literacy and Numeracy. - the premier league have provided lots of physical activities for families to try at home using this link. - Dance & Movement Videos - We do this one in school. Lots and lots of videos to help get active indoors. - Cosmic Kids Yoga. Gentle stretches to do along with story telling.



PowerPoint from Year 3 parent meeting

Year 3 Reading Challenge

Year 3 have launched a reading challenge. We have sent home book review sheets for the children to complete and more are available from school when they need more. We have explained the process to the children and they are able to work towards certificates for the amount of book reviews they complete. We appreciate all the support that you give to your children at home. If you have any questions please see your class teacher.

If you would like some ideas for new books to read, then try this list of 100 books for years 3 and 4. How many can you read? (list from:

School Motto

Be The Best You Can Be

Mission Statement

'And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds,'Hebrews 10:24

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