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Welcome to our Y2 Blog where we celebrate all of the children's learning. A new post will be uploaded every two weeks. For weekly Home Learning and other ways to help your child at home please go back to the the Y2 class page and click on the other yellow stars.  

Blog wb 8th May


This week we have had a consolidation week in Maths, looking at all of the things we have learnt so far in year 2 this year. We looked at addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions and shape.


In English, we have re-reading the story Traction man and have been planning our own version of the stories.


In art we have had an exciting week making clay tiles, we have reminded ourselves what makes a repeated pattern and had a go at making repeated patterns on our tiles. Next week we are looking forward to painting them.

In history we enjoyed learning about WW1 and the different ways in which people used to communicate in the war. We learnt that people used to send messages using messenger pigeons, candle stick phones, telegrams and letters.



Blog wb 24th April

English –

We have been reading a new book called Traction man by Mini Grey. The children loved reading about all the adventures Traction man got up to and we found it really funny when he had to wear his green romper suit! We learnt the story map off by heart to help us to remember the story. We also discussed what we liked and didn’t like in the text as well as some questions we had about the text.


Maths –

We have been really busy in Maths the past couple of weeks. We have learnt to tell the time – O’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. See if your child can tell you the time at home using this interactive clock.

We have then moved on to look at length – measuring in both M and CM. We measured objects around the classroom, remembering to start at 0. We also measured the length of the classroom using  a meter stick, repeating and counting together as we went along.


Topics –

In History we have started to learn about WW1. We have found it really interesting to learn about how the lives of men, women and children changed in the war.


In science we have been learning about food chains using the key words producer, primary consumer and secondary consumer. We learnt that each organism transfers energy from the sun.

In RE we have been learning about Islam again. We started by designing a prayer mat suitable for a Muslim.  

Blog wb 27th March

This week we were really lucky to have the artist James Lake come in to school on Monday and Tuesday to work with us. We created some cardboard trees and each child decorated and made a cardboard bird to go on the trees. We will be displaying these in our school library.

We also went to the church this week for our Easter service. Some children came to the front to read the Easter story. They all read beautifully and we are very proud of them. 

The PTA organised an Easter egg hunt for us. We loved looking in the woodland for the baby chicks! Have a lovely Easter and we will see you all in the Summer term! 

W/b 13th March

English –

We have been reading a new book ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ by Giles Andrae. We have talked about the story and the parts that we liked, the parts we didn’t like so much and any patterns and puzzles we found in the story. Click here if you would like to listen to the story at home


Maths –

We have started to learn about fractions. We begun by learning the mathematical words for the parts of a half. We learnt that a numerator is the top number that shows how many parts I have. We also learnt that the denominator is the bottom number that shows the total number of parts. We have then been finding a half of shapes and numbers. We know that when we find half of a number it is the same as dividing by 2. Next week we are moving on to look at quarters.


This week it was British science week. We celebrated by conducting some experiments. We made a class volcano using bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, food colouring and soap, this linked in with our learning about Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii 2000 years ago. We also made balloon rockets. We then looked at lots of different scientists and were inspired by an astronomer that came in to speak to us.

W/b 27th February

Since returning to school after half term we have had a busy couple of weeks learning lots of new and exciting things!

Maths –

The children have finished learning all about multiplication and are now moving on to division. First we looked at division as sharing then we looked at division as grouping. Please see the images below to explain each method.


English – We enjoyed writing up about our visit to Paignton zoo and sharing all of the facts we learned with each other. We are now looking at the book ‘Outdoor wonderland’ and are planning our own instruction text based on the book. We have learnt all about imperative (bossy) verbs and different sentence types – statement, question and command sentences. See if your child can tell you a sentence for each one at home.


In RE we have started to learn about Holy week and Easter. The children have looked closely at the symbols of Easter this week and what they represent to Christians. Can your child tell you why we have crosses on hot cross buns and Easter eggs at Easter?


In Art we enjoyed making different superhero poses, we then drew these on whiteboards, looking closely at how our bodies move and bend. We then had a go at making our own model using pipe cleaners and modelling clay.


We were also lucky enough this week to have a visit from Devon & Somerset fire and rescue service. The children learnt lots of important information to help them. They learnt the emergency number was 999 and if there was a fire you STOP, DROP and ROLL. Your child will have brought home with them a book mark and a fire safety note sheet.



Wb 13th February 2023

What an exciting final week at school we have had! This week the children have had a wonderful time visiting Paignton zoo. We saw some amazing animals and learnt some really cool facts about them. Can your child tell you their favourite fact?


This week we have also enjoyed following instructions to make a clown fish plate. See the photos below. In DT we have enjoyed following our designs to make a healthy wrap, the children put their chopping skills to use cutting up the ingredients to put in their wrap!


Have a lovely and safe half term and we look forward to seeing you on the 20th February.

Wb 23rd January 2023



This week, we have enjoyed planning and then writing our own versions of “The Boy who Cried Ninja”. The children worked hard to include all of the writing skills we have been learning about such as expanded noun phrases and subordinating conjunctions. We are now moving on to a non-fiction unit of work based on a book called “Outdoor Wonderland” by Josie Jeffery where the children will write there own introductions and instructions.



We have started our new unit on multiplication and division. We have looked carefully at what makes groups equal and considered that multiplication can be written as repeated addition. ( 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8 is the same as 2 X 4 =8). We will be going on to look at the 2, 5 and 10 times table in more depth.


Logins and information for Times Tables Rockstars will be coming home very soon. Please look out for this as the program is fantastic for helping children to learn their times tables.



In science, we have continued to learn about materials and were very lucky to have a visitor from Devon Waste Education come to speak to us this week. We learned about what can and can’t be recycled and about the importance of the three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle.


In Geography we have continued learning about Kampong Ayer. We have considered the differences between there and here like how Kampong Ayer is a water village with houses on stilts. We have also looked at the differences in weather. The children found it amazing that while it was only 4 degrees here, it was 30 degrees in Kampong Ayer.  


In DT, we are looing forward to planning and then making our healthy wraps before half term.

Wb 9th January 2023

We have had a busy first full week back to school this week since coming back after the Christmas holidays!



We have started reading a new book called ‘The boy who cried ninja’ by Alex Latimer. We have made up some actions for the story to help us remember it and have been looking at the parts of the text that make it great. So far we have looked at the characters in the story, the use of expanded noun phrases and the use of conjunctions. Here is a video of the story being read aloud if you would like to listen to it at home: Click here



We have started our new unit on money. We have learnt the different British coins and notes and have begun to make amounts in different ways using the coins.

Here is a fun game you might like to play at home: Click here


In Geography we have been learning about locations. We have learnt that we live in the continent Europe, in the United Kingdom, in the country England, in the city Exeter. We also know that in the continent Asia there is an island called Borneo, in the country Brunei there is a village called Kampong Ayer.

In science we have enjoyed looking at different materials and working like scientists to observe the different properties.  We found out that some plastics can be bent and squashed and some can’t!

Don’t forget to look at our topic web if you would like to find out what else we are learning this half term!


Blog wb 11th December

This week in English we have planned and written our own versions of the story ‘Augustus and his smile’. As it is almost Christmas we also enjoyed writing our own acrostic Christmas poems that we have shared with each other.


In Maths we have finished learning about 3D shapes and their properties. We enjoyed looking at patterns linked with our artwork using 2D and 3D shapes.


In Art we have applied the skills we have learned this half term to create our own picture. We have learnt all about tone and shading, taking rubbings and making frottage art based on the artist Max Ernst.


On Wednesday we enjoyed Christmas jumper day and having a special dinner in the hall!

Next week we are looking forward to wearing our own clothes again and having a Christmas disco!

Blog wb 28th November

Writing –

We have been reading the book Augustus and his smile by Catherine Rayner. We have talked about which parts of the story we liked, which parts we didn’t like and any patterns and puzzles we found in the book. We loved coming up with actions to help us remember the story and then drawing our own story maps! We have also been learning about special words called contractions. These are words that join two words together with an apostrophe. Such as can + not = can’t and should + have = should’ve.

Maths –

This week we have started a new unit on shape. We have started looking at 2D shapes and their properties – we have counted the number of sides and vertices (corners) in a range of shapes. We have also learned that quadrilateral means shapes with 4 sides and that a polygon is a shape with straight sides.

Topics -

In science we have been working like a scientist by identifying and classifying animals into groups. We have learned that not all offspring look like their adults. We have also looked at the life cycle of a frog and how it changes as it grows! In Geography we have enjoyed comparing what it is like in Antarctica compared to Zambia. We know that penguins are adapted to survive in cold places like Antarctica and monkeys have adapted to live in warmer places like Africa. We know that a place is colder if it is further away from the equator!

Blog wb 14th November



This week we have loved learning facts about polar bears and giraffes. Did you know a giraffe only has 7 bones in its neck – the same number as a human!? See if your child can share any interesting facts they have learned with you.

We have also been planning and writing our own information texts using the facts we have learnt.



In maths we have been using 100 squares to help us to find 10 more and 10 less than a number. We have also been recapping using a number line to help us to add digits together using partitioning. This week we have moved onto adding together two 2-digit numbers using partitioning. See the image below.


In RE we have been learning about the living conditions that Jesus was born in and have written a list of questions that we would have liked to ask Jesus if we were there. In science, we conducted an investigation to find the answer to our question ‘Do bigger hands pick up more cubes?’. We loved exploring different ways to find the answers to our questions. In Geography, we have been looking at the similarities and differences between Antarctica and the Sahara Desert.

WB - 4th November


In English this week, we have enjoyed reading our new text ‘Could a Penguin Ride a Bike?’. We thought this text was really funny, especially when he slid down the bowling alley. We learnt actions to help us remember this part of the text and enjoyed acting out sliding around on our tummies!



In Maths, we have continued to develop our addition and subtraction skills, using our number bond to 10 knowledge to add on to the next multiple of 10. We have also been looking at how to add 3 single digits together effectively, by making 10 first and then adding on the remaining number.




In Geography this week, we have been looking at what it is like in Antarctica. We learnt how Antarctica is the coldest place on earth as it is the furthest away from the Equator. In science, we have considered things in life that we need and things that we want. We discussed how the things we need in life are the things we cannot live without whereas the things we want in life, are the things we can live without.












wb. 10th October 

This week we have enjoyed reading the story ‘How to catch a star’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have learnt the story off by heart and used actions to help us. We have enjoyed planning and writing our own versions of the story.



We have started our new learning on addition and subtraction. We have been using our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to help us with number bonds to 20.



We have learnt about Neil Armstrong and his moon landing, we talked about the different support that was needed to get to the moon from space scientists, engineers and even the president! In science, we have been making posters to explain how we can stay healthy. In RE, we have been learning about sacred places and the objects in it, after our exciting visit to the church.  

We can’t wait for our visit from the Space explorer dome next Friday!

Wb 26th September

English  -

This week we have designed our own aliens and have planned our own versions of the story ‘Beegu’. We have changed the characters and the settings of the story. We have used our plans to help us to write our own versions of the story. We have then written our stories up in neat and made our own class book full of our stories which we have enjoyed reading and sharing with each other!




We have looked at two new explorers – Amy Johnson and Cristopher Columbus. See if your child can remember any exciting facts that they can share with you! In RE we have looked at sacred places and objects for both Christians and Muslims. We are looking forward to our visit to St Leonard’s church next week to look at some of the sacred objects up close! Finally, in science as part of our ‘importance of food and exercise topic’  we have enjoyed our experiment ‘re-think your drink’ where the children have found out about different amounts of sugar in drinks! We were so surprised at some of the results!


Maths –

We our continuing with our unit on place value and number. We have been partitioning numbers in different ways using a resource (base 10) to help us. Please see the images below. The children were all really keen to get started with playing numbots at home and we look forward to celebrating their achievements in our celebration assembly.

We have now begun starting looking at number lines, filling in missing numbers and recognising patterns.



Wb 12th September 2022
We have had a lovely first full week since starting in Year 2! The children have settled in beautifully and have made a wonderful start to Year 2 and all of the grown-ups are extremely proud.


English –

This week we have enjoyed reading a new book ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon. We have talked about and shared the parts of the story that we enjoyed and the parts that we didn’t like so much. We have also been learning the story off by heart, using a story map and actions to help us.



Maths –

We have started our unit on place value. We started looking at teen numbers and splitting them into tens and ones using a range of resources to help us. We have been partitioning 2-digit numbers and looking at the value of each.



In our topics we have started lots of exciting new learning. Here are some of the things we have been up to…

 In history we have started learning about a famous explorer called Ranulph Fiennes, he was the first man to walk across Antarctica on foot. In science we have started looking at the importance of exercise, we did an experiment where we did a range of different activities and noticed what happened to our heartrate!

Please see below our topic web so you can see all of the exciting learning we have coming up this half term. These are also displayed on the window of your child’s classroom.

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