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Welcome to our Y2 Blog where we celebrate all of the children's learning. A new post will be uploaded every two weeks. For weekly Home Learning and other ways to help your child at home please go back to the the Y2 class page and click on the other yellow stars.  

Wb 26th September

English  -

This week we have designed our own aliens and have planned our own versions of the story ‘Beegu’. We have changed the characters and the settings of the story. We have used our plans to help us to write our own versions of the story. We have then written our stories up in neat and made our own class book full of our stories which we have enjoyed reading and sharing with each other!




We have looked at two new explorers – Amy Johnson and Cristopher Columbus. See if your child can remember any exciting facts that they can share with you! In RE we have looked at sacred places and objects for both Christians and Muslims. We are looking forward to our visit to St Leonard’s church next week to look at some of the sacred objects up close! Finally, in science as part of our ‘importance of food and exercise topic’  we have enjoyed our experiment ‘re-think your drink’ where the children have found out about different amounts of sugar in drinks! We were so surprised at some of the results!


Maths –

We our continuing with our unit on place value and number. We have been partitioning numbers in different ways using a resource (base 10) to help us. Please see the images below. The children were all really keen to get started with playing numbots at home and we look forward to celebrating their achievements in our celebration assembly.

We have now begun starting looking at number lines, filling in missing numbers and recognising patterns.



Wb 12th September 2022
We have had a lovely first full week since starting in Year 2! The children have settled in beautifully and have made a wonderful start to Year 2 and all of the grown-ups are extremely proud.


English –

This week we have enjoyed reading a new book ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon. We have talked about and shared the parts of the story that we enjoyed and the parts that we didn’t like so much. We have also been learning the story off by heart, using a story map and actions to help us.



Maths –

We have started our unit on place value. We started looking at teen numbers and splitting them into tens and ones using a range of resources to help us. We have been partitioning 2-digit numbers and looking at the value of each.



In our topics we have started lots of exciting new learning. Here are some of the things we have been up to…

 In history we have started learning about a famous explorer called Ranulph Fiennes, he was the first man to walk across Antarctica on foot. In science we have started looking at the importance of exercise, we did an experiment where we did a range of different activities and noticed what happened to our heartrate!

Please see below our topic web so you can see all of the exciting learning we have coming up this half term. These are also displayed on the window of your child’s classroom.

Key Messages

Photo permissions: We are using the same permissions as last academic year for photo and social media permission. Please speak to the school office if you would like to change your preferences.


Uniform expectations: Please clearly label all items with your child’s name. Should your child then loose an item, it could then be returned. If any parents require help with school uniform then please do speak to your child's teacher. Information about school uniform can be found by following the link below. 

[Posts below this point are from the academic year 2021-22.]

Blog – w/b 27th June


English- This week we have planned and written our own magic box poems using alliteration and rhyme. We then enjoyed performing these poems to the rest of the class. We have also had so much fun listening to Michael Rosen performing some of his poems – we particularly like the chocolate cake poem!


In maths we have finished our learning on measurement and have now started a new unit learning all about mass and capacity. We have learned that mass is the weight of something and are looking forward to finding out about capacity.


We had so much fun at Sports Day on Thursday. We loved having a go at so many activities and it was wonderful to see so many grown ups coming to support. All of the children had a wonderful afternoon and we have many more exciting things to look forward to next week. In particular our school trip! We cannot wait to visit the beach next week after learning about coasts in Geography 😊

Blog wb 6th June

Since returning from school after half term we have started lots of new exciting learning. We have started learning some songs and actions for our summer performance ‘Nice weather for ducks’.

Writing –

In writing we have started looking at a new book called ‘The disgusting sandwich’. We have learnt the story off by heart using a story map. We are then going to use this to help us to plan and write our own versions of the story.

Maths –

We are moving on to a new unit of measurement. We will start by looking at measuring objects in cm and m. We will then move on to comparing different lengths and solving different addition and subtraction problems with length.


Please see our topic web below if you would like to find out more about what we will be learning this half term.

Blog wb 16th May

We have been really busy in year two since returning from our Easter holidays.


In English we have been reading and learning about a new book called Traction man – we have learnt the story off by heart with actions to help us. We have been learning all about two new tenses called the past and present progressive and have been writing some sentences in these tenses. On Friday we designed our own superheros for our stories. We are now planning and writing our own versions of the story and can’t wait to make them into superhero books!



In maths we have been looking at position and direction. Using our knowledge of fractions to help us to describe turns – half turn, full turn, quarter turn. We have also looked at clockwise and anti- clockwise turns. We have also been revisiting all of our maths learning we have learnt so far in year two.

Topics –

We have really enjoyed art, we have been looking at repeated patterns and have explore the work of the artist Clarence cliff. At the end of last week, we made a tile out of clay and used different materials to make repeated patterns in our tiles. We can’t wait to paint them this week. In history we have been learning about WW1 and the differences in people’s lives back then to ours today. We have learned that the men went away to be soldiers, and woman had to work in factories and grow their own food. We have also looked at the different ways people used to communicate with each other- see if your child can tell you all about messenger pigeons!



Blog wb 21st  March

English –

This week we have enjoyed writing our own versions of the story ‘Giraffe’s can’t dance’. We have had some imaginative new titles such as ‘Sharks can’t ski’ and ‘Hippos can’t bake’. Ask your child to tell you all about their version of the story.


We are now moving on to look at a text called “The Storm Whale”. From this, we will be writing some non-chronological reports to offer advice to one of the book's characters.  


Maths –

We are now coming towards the end of our learning about fractions. We have looked at how to find a ½ , ¼ and 1/3 of a shape thinking about how many equal parts make a whole. We have also thought about how to find ½ , ¼ and 1/3 of a number and how this connects to our knowledge of division. If you can, practise finding 1/2 , ¼ and 1/3 of some different, small two digit numbers.


Until the end of term, we will now be looking at a unit on telling the time. We look specifically at how to tell the time to o’clock, half-past, quarter-past and quarter-to. Children who are confident with this will be encouraged to then tell the time to 5 minutes, thinking about how they can count in 5s around the clock to help them.


Topics –

We have continued to learn about Pompeii and the events that took place 2000 years ago. We have talked about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii. We have also thought about the difference between a primary and secondary historical source.


In science we have been looking at many different habitats and discussing the animals we would expect to find there. We enjoyed heading out on our own mini-beast hunt and recording our data scientifically like our key scientist Steve Backshall. We have also thought about how animals are adapted to live and survive in their habitat. 


In art we have continued to build the skills we know. Having previously looked at pattern making and rubbings, we have now moved on to look at frottage and the work of artist Max Ernst. 

Blog wb 7th March

English –

This week we have enjoyed reading our new text ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ we have had lots of fun creating actions to go with our story map to help us to learn the story off by heart. See if your child can retell the story using the story map below.

We have also had fun creating actions to go with some of the verbs in the story – wobbled, nibbled, chatted, relaxed, buckled. Can you remember the actions?



Maths –

This week we have started our new topic learning about Fractions. We really enjoyed exploring the Cuisenaire rods in the classroom to help us find a half. We learnt how to write the fraction a half like this ½ . We then used this to help us to find ½ of a number. We learned that half is the same as dividing by 2. Next week we are looking forward to learning about more fractions!


Topics –

We have been learning all about Pompeii and what it might have been like to live over 2000 years ago. This week we learnt all about rich and poor people and what their lives may have been like.

In science we have started a new topic ‘Living things and their habitats’ we started by looking at things that are living, things that are non-living and things that have never lived, using our scientific skill of observing and classifying to help us.

In art we have had so much fun looking at textures. We took some rubbings using crayons of different objects and materials inside and outside of the classroom.

Wb 14th February

Year two have had a really exciting final week of half term. We have made our wraps in DT using the ingredients we planned and really enjoyed eating them!


We also had a visit from the fire service, they talked to us about how to stay safe and the roles that the fire service play. We learnt the emergency number off by heart and some key tips on how to stay safe. See if your child can tell you what they have learned at home.

Finally to celebrate the end of our instruction writing in English, we followed our own instructions and made our own paper plate clown fish.


We are now looking forward to a restful half term break.

Blog – wb 7th February


Writing –

We have loved reading the book Outdoor wonderland. We have been looking at the different features of instruction texts such as rhetorical questions, statement sentences and extra information. We have loved learning about clown fish and finding out lots of interesting facts! We are excited to write our own instructions and then follow them to make our own paper plate clown fish!


Maths –

We have finished our learning on statistics and have begun our new learning on shapes this week. We have really enjoyed looking at different 2D shapes and describing their properties. We have used mathematical language such as sides and vertices to describe these shapes


Topics –

This week in Geography we have enjoyed learning about the different methods of transport used in Kampong Ayer, we have compared this to how we travel in Exeter. We watched some really interesting videos from Kampong Ayer to help us. Next week in DT we cannot wait to make our wraps that we have designed.

Blog w/b 24th January:


English – This week we have learnt a new version of the story ‘The boy who cried Ninja’. We then did lots of talk for writing and came up with our own ideas for our own versions of the story. We then went and planned them. We then used these plans to write our own stories which we are excited to share with each other!




In DT this week we have started looking at different cutting techniques. We have begun applying these skills to safely cut tomato and cucumber.

In Geography we really enjoyed drawing a bird’s eye view map of the year 2 area. We used a key to label the different features of our plans.


Maths We have been learning about division this week. We have learned that division can be done as sharing or grouping. Please see the images below to explain the difference between sharing and grouping.

The children have also been enjoying playing times table Rockstar’s which has been lovely to see! Keep it up!



W/B 10th January


Since returning to school after the Christmas holidays we have had lots of fun in year two.

We have started a new science topic learning all about materials. We have also begun a new DT topic where we have started looking at the amounts of sugar in different foods. We created a poster to explain all about it. We were really surprised to learn that tomato soup has 5 cubes of sugar in it and a mango has the same amount of sugar as 9 cubes! In Geography we have been comparing Exeter with Kampong Ayer, looking at the differences between the continents, countries and cities. 



We have also learnt that multiplication is commutative – which means that it can be done in any order. We have been focusing on the X2 and X5 tables so far this week.

In maths we have been carrying on with our learning on multiplication. We have looked at multiplication as an array to help us. See the images below.



We have read a new book called ‘The boy who cried ninja’ by Alex Latimer. We really enjoyed the story and we have been learning it using a story map and actions to help us. See if you can get your child to tell you the story map!

W/B - 6th December 

English –

We have been reading the book ‘Augustus and his smile’ by Catherine Rayner. We have been learning the book off by heart and will be planning and writing our own versions of the story next week.


Maths – We have been learning all about money. We have learnt the different coins and notes and have been looking at different ways to make the same amount as well as working out change. We will then be moving on to looking at multiplication and division.


Topics – We have had an exciting visit from the Devon Recycling Centre. Where we looked at lots of different materials and their properties and talked about which things can be recycled. We then looked at the process of recycling and had a go at some different activities. Here are some photos of us below!

Year 2 blog

Wb 22nd November


English – We have been carrying on our work based on the book ‘could a penguin ride a bike’. The children have been planning and writing their own versions of the story based on a polar bear or a giraffe. We have been busy finding out lots of cool facts about these animals! See if your child can tell you some facts at home!


Maths – We have been adding and subtracting two 2- digit numbers on a number line this week that cross the tens boundary. Please see the videos below to explain the method we use to explain it to the children in school.  You will need to scroll down to the video that says ‘crossing the 10’s boundary’


Topics – We have been painting arctic scenes using wax crayons and water colours ready to create our polar collages next week! We have also been continuing to learn about the Arctic and Antarctica in Geography. We have been looking at the similarities and differences between the two and have been talking about the geographical features of each.


We had so much fun visiting Exeter school this week for the Exeter touring opera. We watched a performance and enjoyed joining in with some of the singing and actions. See the photos below!


Blog wb 8th November

English –

This week in English we have continued reading the book ‘Could a penguin ride a bike’ and have been looking at the different types of sentences within this book. We have looked at what makes a question and statement sentence and have been sorting examples of these and then have been writing some examples of our own. We have also been finding out and recording lots of cool facts about penguins! Ask your child at home if they can tell you any. Next week we are moving on to planning our own version of the story. Finding out facts about different animals and writing our own information page.


Topics –

We have been looking at Antarctica in Geography. We have looked at the weather, the climate and the geography of Antarctica. We have looked at penguins in particular and have talked about what adaptations they have that enables them to live there. In art we have been looking at the work of ‘Gaudi’ and have been focusing on colour and different shades. In RE we have been looking at the story of Jesus’s birth and have been using images to help us retell this.



Maths –

This week we have been using number lines to help us add and subtract 2 two digit numbers. Please see the video and images below to explain how we have taught this to the children in school.



w/b 18th October

This week we have done lots of exciting things in school. On Tuesday we went to the church to celebrate harvest festival. We donated lots of food to give to food banks and we shared some poems and prayers that we had written in school linked to harvest.

On Friday we also had a really exciting visit from the space dome. We got to experience what it might be like to go to space. The children really enjoyed this and I am sure they will have lots to tell you at home. Please see some images below!




In writing this week we have been planning and writing our own versions of ‘How to catch a star’. We have thought carefully about the characters we wanted to include and have been using adjectives to describe them as well as describing the settings in our stories. We have been using the co ordinating conjunctions ‘and’ & ‘but’ to expand our sentences. We are really proud of the stories that we have written!


Maths –

We will be continuing addition and subtraction after half term, beginning to look at using a number line to help us add and subtract 2 digit numbers.

Blog – wb 4th October


This week Mr Doku has launched an exciting competition for the children in assembly linked to black history month. We would like as many children as possible to create a poem, poster, picture or song on black history month. A prize will be given to the best entry from each year group!

A letter has been sent out regarding ‘bug club’. Please click this link to read the letter again. Your child will be able to access the appropriate reading colour according to their book band. These e-books will also count towards your child’s reading stars in their reading records so please feel free to record this. 


English –  We have started reading the book ‘How to catch a star’ by Oliver Jeffers. We are really enjoying reading the story and learning it off by heart. To help us we have drawn a story map and have come up with some actions too!


Maths – We have finished our learning about place value and have now started our new learning on addition and subtraction. We are starting to look at recalling our number bonds to 10 and 20 and reasoning related facts (4 + 6 = 10, 6 + 4 = 10, 10 – 4 = 6, 10 – 6 = 4).


This week we have been looking at Christopher Columbus and all of the things that he did as an explorer. We talked about the things that he did that were great and also the things that he did that were not so great.

We have also had great fun painting our moon buggies this week! Have a look at some of the photos below!

w/b 20th September


English –  We have been really learning the story ‘Beegu’ off by heart. We have drawn story maps and come up with actions to help us retell the story. We have also been using the conjunction ‘and’ to help us join our sentences together.

Next week we are going to be planning and writing our own versions of the story which we are really excited about!


Maths – We have been learning the value of each digit in a 2 digit number. We have also been looking at partitioning two digit numbers into tens and ones ( 32 = 30 + 2 ) . This will help us with our learning next week when we are going to be looking at partitioning 2 digit numbers in different ways.

Please follow the link below to watch the video explaining how we teach this method to the children: CLICK HERE



We have also been looking at different explorers this week – we have found out all about Amy Johnson and Ranulph Fiennes. We have learnt what they did and talked about the different qualities they must have had – i.e. brave and courageous. We have also been looking at vehicles and in particular ,moon buggies in D&T – we have been looking at axles and wheels and how they work . We then designed our own moon buggy which we are really excited to start making soon!

W/B 8th  September 2021


This week we have been really excited to welcome the children into year two. We have had a lovely few days getting to know each other and are really excited for all the learning ahead of us!

Please see below our new learning web which outlines all of the exciting learning that we are going to be covering this half term.



Next week in English we are going to start reading a book called ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon which we will be basing all of our learning around.


In maths we are going to begin learning all about place value (i.e. what each digit in a number is worth – tens and ones)


In our foundation subjects we are going to be learning all about Explorers!

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