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Spelling in y2

- In Year 2, children take a more in-depth look at the phonic rules and patterns of different words. For example, they may look at one particular sound and then see how it is represented in different words.

Can you see which sound the following four words have in common?

hedge   jem   village   join

In these four words, the same sound is made by a different group of letters: 'dge', 'g', 'ge' and 'j'


- Children learn another group of common exception words (tricky words). These are words commonly found in the English language, but which do not follow the phonic rules that have been taught so far. Examples of these in Year 2 are: 'sugar' and half’. Please see below for the full list and downloadable versions.


- Words where apostrophes are used to show contractions, such as: 'do not' changing to 'don't' Click here for a video


- Words ending -tion such as ('fiction')


Homophones, which are pairs of words that sound the same, but are spelt differently (such as: 'hear' and 'here') Click here for a video


- spell using an possessive apostrophe (singular) [for example, the girl’s book]


- add suffixes to spell longer words (groups of letters added to the end of a word), including –ment, –ness, –ful, –less, –ly



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