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Parent Inclusion Ambassador

Parent Inclusion Ambassador


Hello, my name is Jane Ring and I am the proud Mum of Chloe, who is in Year 6. You probably see me most days walking through school in the mornings and evenings with Chloe chatting away to me, using her red and white cane. She is visually impaired and profoundly deaf (the first deafblind child to go to a mainstream school in Devon).


I have always had a very good relationship with the school, which is vital as Chloe comes with a lot of professionals who teach her and provide advice and guidance to the school. I have been aware since foundation that there were probably quite a few parents like me navigating a slightly different world because of their child’s particular education, health or care needs. As the school has grown so has this group of children and their parents.


With the backing of Mrs Thompson and Mr Page I have volunteered to take on the role of Parent Inclusion Ambassador to support other parents. This will include sharing relevant information and linking to the wider special educational needs and disabilities, health and care systems in Devon. I have limited time as I am busy managing Chloe’s support and my own work but I welcome the opportunity to advocate on behalf of other parents and help create a positive, inclusive learning and social environment for our children.


We hold monthly parent gatherings over coffee and croissants on the second Friday of every month between 8.45-9.30am. The meetings are held in the Breakfast Club cafe. Everyone is welcome.


2018/2019 Coffee and Croissant Meetings:

Friday 12th October

Friday 9th November

Friday 14th December

Friday 11th January

Friday 8th February

Friday 8th March

Non Meeting in April

Friday 10th May

Friday 14th June

July TBC


Please get in touch if you would like further information


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