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WB: 13.6.22

This week was the run up to Fathers Day. We discussed how our grown ups look after us and shared the things we liked doing with our grown ups with the class, i.e. My Daddy plays football with me in the garden. We then wrote these things in our card we made and also decorated the Fathers Day cards. Some of us chose to make in for a Grandad instead, to make them feel extra special!

The heat this week has been extreme with the heatwave! We talked about the importance of keeping cool in the sun. The children knew about wearing hats, taking jumpers off, finding shade, using sun cream and drinking lots of water. We then set up a paddling pool to help us keep even cooler!

In Maths, we practised solving subtraction stories by drawing simple pictures.

Elmer had 7 cookies. He gave three to Wilbur. How many did he have left? First we drew 7 circles to represent cookies. Then we crossed out three and noticed there were four left. We wrote number sentences and talked about how four and three make seven, so when three disappear there are now four left.

WB: 23.5.22

This week we celebrated the Queen's Jubilee!

We had a tea party with Brioche buns and jam!

This inspired our writing beforehand, and we designed and wrote party invitations.

We decorated the classrooms with bunting and paper chains - again all made and designed by the children!

We also wrote letters to the Queen in our independent writing.

In Maths, we counted the jewels on the crowns. We also had a big assembly and sang a Jubilee song with actions.

What an amazing celebratory week we have had!

WB: 16.05.22

This week our theme has been Pirates! All based on the book 'Pirates Love Underpants'.

We have been making pirate hats, eye patches, books, treasure maps, messages in bottles, and so much more!

Today, we ended our week with an amazing Pirate party where we dressed up as Pirates and played Pirate games.

This theme also came into our writing, stories and maths this week.

WB: 9.5.22

This week our learning was along the theme of the book 'Dinosaurs love underpants' and the children absolutely loved being immersed in this!

You can see from the photos all of the lovely crafts which were made.

In our reading, We are now well into our phase 4 phonics and enjoying being able to read lots of the words in our books at home.

WB: 2.5.22

This week we had the opportunity to plant sunflower seeds!

We used our hands to feel the moisture in the soil and we put some of it into our pot.

We then planted in 3 sunflower seeds and topped up the rest of the pot with soil.

We remembered to squash the soil down with our hands.

We then made a lolly stick label with the word sunflower on it and popped that into the soil too.

We discussed that the seeds need sunlight, soil and water to grow, so we watered our pots and put them outside.

We are now going to observe and see how long it takes for them to grow - watch them unfurl and grow new leaves - we are very excited about all of this! 

WB: 25.04.22

We are loving our new play trail! What a great way for us to demonstrate our strength, balance and coordination whilst playing!

WB: 4.4.22

This week we had all of our Easter crafts out! We made Easter wreaths, coloured, painted and crafted Easter eggs and also we made our families Easter egg cards and wrote them a lovely message using our phonic knowledge.

We also had a giant Easter chick hunt around the school grounds - this was so much fun!

We had our Easter service at the church and learnt why chocolate eggs were eggs - it is to show new life.

We also sang song wonderful songs with KS1.


WB: 28.04.22

This week has been all about the start of Spring and finding the signs of Spring around our school.

First, went on a Spring walk to see where we could spot Spring - we spotted signs of Spring in the Daffodils, blossom on trees, tiny leaves starting to grow on trees and lots of other Spring flowers... we then went on a Spring flower walk to find out which of the typically Spring flowers were around our school grounds. Well, clipboard and pencil at the ready, we went on a hunt. We found so many varieties of flowers! 

We also took all of this back to the classroom and painted daffodils and tulips.

What an amazing and colourful time Spring is!

WB: 21.03.22

This week, our theme was Mothers Day, we firstly discussed why we celebrate this and what our Mummy's do for us.

We made a Mothers day card using cupcake cases and tissue paper to create a flower. We then thought carefully about the message we wanted to write for our Mummy inside the card and used our Phonic knowledge for this.

In Maths, we started our topic of 3D shapes - pyramid, sphere, prism, cylinder, cube and cuboid. We loved discussing what made them 3D shapes instead of 2D shapes and also the properties of the shapes!

We then took the 3D shapes to the craft table and made pictures like fish and castles but dipping the shapes in the paint. We also made repeating patterns!

WB: 14.03.22

This week we made delicious pancakes and this led to so much learning!

We watched the state of matter change from a liquid pancake batter to a solid pancake for our Science. We also measured out our ingredients accurately into a bowl using scales. We took it in turns to whisk. We chopped up the fruit which we had as our delicious toppings. 

We also wrote shopping lists, recipes, ingredients.

We crafted making playdough pancakes, paper pancakes, and even making a face out of fruit on the pancakes!

WB 7.03.2022


This week, our theme has been the book 'Supertato'. The children (and grown ups) haved loved having all the superhero activities we have had around the class! We even made our own 'Supertato' by putting arms, legs, mask and eyes on a potato. We also had an evil pea hunt in our outdoor areas - the children used such good role play with this!

We drew our 'Supertato' with pastels, designing and carefully choosing which colours we used.

Our Writing has also been linked with us including the famous 'Evil Pea' catchphrase 'Mwah ha ha ha'.

In Maths, we have been practising our number bonds to 10 with numicon.

WB 28.02.22


We celebrated world book day and the sun was shining - look at how much our Foundation children love books!

WB: 14.2.22


Here is a snapshot of our PE sessions.

We practised sitting in a long shape or a tuck and when the music played we moved around the apparatus and then stopped to make different shapes. We were very creative in the way we formed star shapes - tummy stars, standing, upside-down, sideways! We then moved to the apparatus where we explored climbing and jumping in different ways, being careful with our landings which had to be on our feet.

WB: 7.2.22


This week has been all about the Julia Donaldsoon book 'What the Ladybird Heard'.

We have made our very own Ladybirds with red paint and black spots. We made a ladybird sat on a leaf.

In Maths, it was all about the number 8! We made spiders with 8 legs and we did doubling, realising that double 4 is 8!

We made our very own farm maps, like in the story. We drew the animals on the farm and then we used arrows to show which way to go.

In our writing, we wrote the sentences 'She can hear the men. She has a plan.'

In phonics, we have been practising reading longer words using the chunking method.

We had our junk modelling out this week and we were very creative making police mobile phones - we needed them to catch the criminals in our story!

WB: 31.1.2022


Room On The Broom!

This week we have planned all of our activities around the book 'Room On The Broom' By Julia Donaldson.

The children have loved dressing up, making potions, writing potions, making brook sticks with chairs, making wands and doing all other things linked to the story.

In Maths, we have learnt all about what makes the number 7 and all the different ways you can show a 7. The children especially enjoyed making 7 with numicon.

WB 24.01.2022


This week has been all about the 'Snail and the Whale' By Julia Donaldson. We have had role play areas, made mini books, made clay snails, written letters to the snail and the snail has even sent us messages everyday!


WB: 17.01.22


EYFS set off on mini adventures this week. We made maps of local features, then followed them around school to try and find some treasure. We used our telescopes and compasses to help us. We found gems, crystals and twigs and noticed some pirate seagulls & squirrels! Arghhhh!

WB: 10.01.22


This week we have the theme of Stick Man and we cannot wait to get stuck into this amazing book.

We are going on a stick hunt to make our own stick men in our amazing woodland area and we are also making stick men out of playdough and sticks (see photo).

We have our small world set up where we can re-enact the story using the characters and the scenery.

We have also made little stick men books which we have created and designed and some children have even written some of the story in theirs!


We have set up a writing area in the with whiteboards and pens and the children are welcomed to come and write something. Lots of the children have loved writing their name!


In Maths, we are doing all things 5! Multilink, Numicon, Pentagon detectives, chalk shape drawing and number writing - so much to do!

WB 6.12.21


This week was Nativity week!

All three classes performed their Nativities at St Leonard's Church and did such an amazing job!

They sang beautifully, performed their actions and had huge smiles on their faces!

It was such a special time for families to watch and join in the festive fun.

WB 29.11.21


We had our first interactive story experience this week. Now-press-play is a set of headphones linked to an iPad with different stories and experiences on. We listened to The Gingerbread Man story this week. We had to pretend to be the child cooking the gingerbread man, then we became the gingerbread man, and then the crafty fox! The gingerbread man was de-lic-ous! Yum!


We have had a huge range of craft/writing/maths activities linked to the gingerbread man, including: designing his outfit with the buttons, counting his buttons in maths, writing stories about him, drawing the animals and lots more!

WB: 22.11.21


We had the most amazing time with Mrs Evans out in Forest School. First we got all bundled up and chatted about how to keep ourselves safe near the fire. Then we sang some songs whilst we were waiting for the hot chocolate to warm up. We drank our yummy hot chocolate and then took turns roasting a marshmallow over the fire. Even though it was raining, we were really cosy and had so much fun!


The science this week involved ice and fire. We learnt about heat/hot and cold and talked about how things change when burnt/frozen. We were very excited by the blocks of ice and thought about why it melts and predicted which block would melt first (big, medium sized or littlest). We used magnifying glasses to look closely and found a big air bubble inside one. Some children thought they would melt faster if we chipped pieces off.

WB 15.11.21


This week, we are having a special focus on independent writing and the children are absolutely loving it! They are using their phonic knowledge and letter formation knowledge to write a word. They are blowing themselves away realising that they are writing a word you can read, like in a story. What superstars!


We have also been discussing the weather getting colder and what we need to wear to keep ourselves warm. As you can see in the photos, the children have many activities to work out what clothes to put on the people, and also choose which colours and outfits!

WB: 8.11.21


This week we have been learning all about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light! We watched some videos narrated by a girl called Jessica. She showed us how she and her family prepared for Diwali and then how they celebrated. The children noticed they were cleaning, making special food and putting on lovely new clothes. For their celebrations, family came to visit and they went to the Temple. Then they had some yummy food and went to see a parade with fireworks! We talked about some celebrations the children might know about and how they are similar and different to Diwali.
We also had a go at making some special pots called Diyas. We looked at some patterns on real lamps and thought carefully about our decoration. We could choose zig zags, lines, dots circles and wavy lines and had to be very careful to clean our brushes when changing colours.

We worked on our cutting and sticking skills. We talked about the different shapes we used to make our rockets.


WB: 1/11/21


Everyone has really enjoyed seeing each other again after the half term break and asking each each other what they have been doing.

We have discussed fireworks night and drawn/painted lots of amazing firework pictures this week!

WB: 11.10.21


We have officially started our phonics program and the children are absolutely loving the fact that they are recognising the graphemes (the written letter) and the phonemes (spoken sound) in their reading books! 

This week, we are learning the sounds s, a, t, p. We are following the Little Wandles program which links closely to Letters and Sounds and has lots of pictures and rhymes we have to learn to make the graphemes and sounds very exciting.

In Maths, we have been learning how we compare objects and amounts of objects - which is biggest/smallest/tallest etc. We have also been counting using the bead bar and know that the last number you say is how many objects there are.

We have enjoyed celebrating Harvest this week with themed craft activities and lots of colouring!

WB: 04.10.21


All the foundation children made a Hedgehog out of clay!
They loved feeling, squashing and molding the clay, it also made their hands go all brown.
We discussed where clay came from and how it will take a couple of days to dry.
We looked at the shape of a Hedgehog and used our hands to make the body shape, our fingers to make the snout and a pencil to poke through the holes for the eyes. We then put sticks in its back for the spikes.


In Maths, we have been sorting different toys into groups by type and size (dinosaurs and compare bears). We decided how we were going to sort them, we then put them into a line and counted how many there were in that group. We then said which group had more/less in it. 




WB: 27.09.21


Our story this week was Leaf Man. This led to discussions about all the changes we can see happening to the trees around us. We noticed that the leaves are changing colour and starting to fall. We are going to keep an eye out for some interesting colours and shapes of leaves to bring into the classroom and make our own Leaf people. We’ve started to make some nature pictures with conkers, pine cones, logs and slices.


We have had our Autumn tray in the classroom, with beautiful sun flower heads, conkers and Lavender to smell. We discussed that the sun flowers have sunflower seeds inside and that birds (and people) like to eat them. We discussed where conkers come from and also how amazing lavender is to smell. The children have really enjoyed exploring the Autumn tray with magnifying glasses, feeling the texture and smelling the wonderful smells.

WB: 20.09.21

The children have had an amazing second week in Foundation!

They are still getting to know everyone in the class and we have had circle times to help get to know each other. This has been a lovely time for the children to share and we have heard lots of lovely things from the children too.

We have been discussing kindness in the classes - If anyone is on their own, to see if they'd like you to play with them, also smiling at each other and saying kind words of encouragement.

We have also discussed respecting our classroom to make sure we treat everything in the classroom with respect.

We have been so impressed how well the children have been coming in in the morning and also sitting on the carpet so nicely.

They are really starting to get to know the routines of the day and feeling more settled this week - Well done foundation!

WB: 13.09.21


Welcome to Foundation.


We have had a fantastic first week in Foundation!

The children have explored their new classrooms, made new friends and got to know the teachers and teaching assistants.


They have enjoyed using their imaginations with the variety of different toys we have available. The children have been gathering around the book corners in masses, when the grown ups have been reading to them. They have also been so good at using the outdoor areas with the water trays, little houses and other activities we have out there.


What an amazing first full week we've had!

We look forward to another amazing week in Foundation!

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