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P4C Philosophy

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A community of inquiry… fostering a culture of collaborative, caring, critical and creative thinking (linked to our school learning behaviours).


Philosophy for children (P4C) is an educational initiative built on the aspiration for dialogue about questions that matter.


St Leonard’s is developing P4C (Philosophy for Children, Colleges and Communities) throughout the school, to support and enhance our focus on enquiry-led learning, with the aim of working toward SAPERE* accreditation and embedding Philosophy across the curriculum.


P4C is a teaching and learning method which:

  • enriches learning across the curriculum;
  • enhances skills in independent thinking, reasoning, communication and collaboration, fostering and building on our St Leonard’s ‘animal’ learning behaviours;
  • develops intellectual dispositions, such as curiosity and clarity of expression, as well as the development of emotional intelligence, in a safe learning environment;
  • prepares pupils for future citizenship;
  • gives pupils a voice and the freedom to think for themselves – rendering them agents, rather than spectators, in knowledge creation


*SAPERE (The Society for the Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education), a leading UK charity which promotes Philosophy for Children.

Picture 1 The 4 ‘C’s of philosophy
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Picture 3 P4C questions raised by Year 2 pupils
Picture 4 Celebrating curiosity and questioning
Picture 5 The Wonder Room
Picture 6 Examples of inquiry questions pursued by Y4 pupils
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